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OCTOBER is Sew A Long/Stumble along/Have fun along with us Month.
The class Handouts are ready for Snazzy and BGB 22. Go get 'em...
BUT BETTER YET.... Get the Mastery Workshops for these two.

RIGHT NOW, Sally is working on the Mastery Workshop for Snazzy. She has up to Section 3 Lesson 1 completed. So she's only ahead of all of you by a little bit. All you have to do is get the Mastery Workshop and have fun with us.

HERE's THE DEAL: Save $70.12
1. Buy the Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop & build it now with Sally if you choose.
2. Grab the special - It has 3 more items (2 future PDFs & the New Bionic Gear Bag Mastery Workshop) for 88c

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Details are here:

This one is sized to fit perfectly with the original Bionic Gear Bag.


If you're concerned about Sally's voice issues... or if it's affected anything you have coming up with us.... we made a link to keep you updated:

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We're kicking off the new Zipper Release, & are planning on new Staycations when Sally's voice becomes stable. !   BIG savings on zippers,... SOON! 

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