Basics - Freebies


 Welcome to our freebie section!

It's my philosophy to teach as if everyone is just starting out as a brand new beginner.

I ❤️LOVE ❤️ that we can take a project and split it up into many small parts easily by using a platform such as this.   It's cool, isn't it?

Basics are just general know-how items.   They usually are something that someone brand new would maybe not know.

And even seasoned sewists might think they know almost everything.... lol  We know this usually isn't the case!

After all, you experts should know how to save time - if that is what you desire - and you are able to easily just skip over lessons - riiiiiiiiight?  🤓

To access:

These are free "items" that you will need to "buy" (but they're free, remember) .... so just add these items to your cart, then checkout in order for them to be added to your "My Courses & Events" link on the top area of our home page here on ... as well as your dashboard in our lesson delivery area.

We hope you find things of value here that will help add more enjoyment to your sewing time as well as help you create projects that show craftsmanship.  



Ooooops..... sorry.....  P.S./quick note 🤓:  While these items are free for you, we do pay for the "courses" that each student has in their dashboard area every month.   So to help keep our bill with our lesson provider from getting exponentially HUGE... lol... the freebies are set to expire from your dashboard in 14 days.   

So if you ever see a "purchased" item disappear from your dashboard in the lesson area, it's no biggie... if you need it again, just go "buy" it -even if it's a freebie - again to get immediate access.

We apologize for any hassle or confusion this may cause. 

We're just getting this section started.... so check back often!