Zoom Info & Link

We currently have three zoom accounts.

The "Community" or "Open Shop" zoom "meeting" number is 720 628 0542

This number is always open to the public - any time of day or night.

Don't be afraid to pop on!!!   We're a friendly bunch.   

Usually the Open Shop starts at 8AM mountain time and goes as long as there are people on it - many times into the evening.  Sally is usually on from at least 8AM - 10AM unless she's doing a Live Event.  

How to get on:
Just fire up the zoom app on your device, and "join" the "meeting" (zoom jargon! lol) with the number above.

When prompted, join "internet audio" as well as "start video" when you are coming in. 

The other two accounts are used when we have Staycations (check the Events Calendar - they're lots of fun!) .   We create one room to be Sally's sewing space, and another is the "crazy room" meant for everyone that is attending that Staycation.