Downloading to Mobile Devices

We strongly discourage you from trying to download to a mobile device unless you already know how to save a PDF on your device. 

Printing is another matter, too.   It can get ugly. 

A PDF is a PDF.   These documents WILL print out correctly if you are not using a configuration that alters the original PDF.   Some mobile devices do some mighty weird things to PDFs - and we have seen that they lack the settings to correct the things they alter. 

If you don't know how to manage your phone or tablet, it's upon you to maybe spend some time on YouTube learning what's involved in downloading and printing PDFs from your device.

We can't be responsible to know all software, browsers, operating systems, mail clients, customer habits and the know-how required as it relates to this task. 

Documents are easy to handle on real computers. 

I tested my iPhone using Chrome Browser and the Apple Mail client today - and here are screen shots that show it worked - but it is not an elegant solution: 

After purchasing, you get an email that looks like this: 


- - - - - 
Next, you'll be brought to the site and see this: 

Obviously, hit the download button

- - - - - - 
Then, once you go through the download process, you'll see a screen that shows the PDF something like this: 

Now, this is where things may vary according to your hardware and software configuration.   On my phone, within the "three dots" , there is the share icon (a square box with an arrow pointing up out of it).  I needed to choose that, and then select "Files" folder to save the document in.

From there, on my iPhone, I can see the file in my "Recents" and access it from there.


As I said earlier, your mileage may vary.   :) 

You're always welcome to hop on a zoom and we'll try to help you - if there is someone on that uses a similar configuration to what you're using. 

But really... this is a job meant for a computer.

Phones are not computers.   :)