FAQs: Difference between Class Handouts vs Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs

FAQ:  What's the difference between a Class Handout or a Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF?

Short answer:

The Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF, usually between 25-50 pages, is probably what you expect a "pattern" to be.  It contains complete instructions and pictures to walk you through building your project.  It is a standalone "pattern" that is sold separately - through us or some other outlets such as online venues and brick and mortar storefronts.

This PDF is discounted on our site for the VIPs.  Their discounted price is shown when they log in to the sewing.school site.

You will not see the Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF on the site until it has passed through US Copyright filing.

The Class Handout, usually about 3-5 pages,  is designed to be used mostly for "prep" -cutting, interfacing, or other parts readied for a live event.  It is meant to always be used with other instruction - such as live classes at a shop, a sew along type event with a blogger,  live event with us, or a recorded event or Mastery Workshop.   It contains:

Color Cover
Materials and Tools List
Cutting Instructions 

Example of Class Handout

The Class Handout does not contain detailed instructions nor assembly photos. 
AGAIN: It is designed to only serve to support live instruction.

Keep in mind, before the scamdemic, we would launch each one of our new projects at a live sewing retreat. 

But until the world gets its head screwed back on and we get some "normal" back, we won't be pulling groups of women together for any live get togethers.   Therefore, other live events, as shown on our calendar,  take the place of live retreats for us to launch and work through a new project.    Think of some of these cyber events as a "test drive" for those that like to do this with Sally.

**While the Class Handout is free, it is still under copyright.  Do not copy for anyone else, nor distribute in any manner.  All Class Handouts need to be downloaded ONLY from Sewing.School under the correct customer's account.   NO EXCEPTIONS to this.

If your shop is not participating in our Sew Like A Rock Star Shop Program, please contact us through the "Chat with Us" button on this site.

** Important:  The Class Handout serves to give all necessary information needed to build the project with the assistance of live or recorded instruction.   It is the ONLY material with cutting instructions released while we may be waiting for the Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF to be granted its copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Our company has been badly damaged in the past by thieves that have stolen and re-distributed Sally's work.   All new work is protected by statutory damages against anyone that violates the law by pirating our work. 

 Keep an eye on the Calendar on Sewing.School to watch for upcoming Live Events!

- - - 

From Sally:

We hope you are able to see that our projects are now suitable for anyone to sew!  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sewist with years of experience, or you learn from visuals, or you just want to follow a pattern, or you are a teacher that is in front of a group of folks with vastly different experience/skill levels - we are making this a pleasant experience.

Our system makes it easy for experienced folks to skip steps, while a new person may soak up every little bit of info they can in the beginning. 

🌺  Basics.   Some parts of lessons are notated as "Basics."   These tidbits of knowledge or procedure are added to all of our projects' products so to best serve everyone.   Simply skip over any Basics content that you already know.

🌺  Appreciation.   Many different techniques and tips have been tossed around through generations in the sewing world for decades, if not centuries.   We make no claims as to things you learn here being "our" idea.   Instead, with much appreciation for the enjoyment of sewing and the information that has been generously passed around by others before us, we truly hope you enjoy our method of presenting as much info to you as possible.   

We want you to enjoy the sport of sewing and create beautiful, useful things that are built with craftsmanship.

🌺  Thanks for bein' with us!  We hope you enjoy creating your project! 

-Sally and her Rock Star Team!