Class Policies

🌺  The Calendar
The Event Calendar shows the current month plus the next two months of events.   BIG TIP:  If you click into an event for the project you desire, once you get on that project's description page, you will find a drop down menu with the events that are scheduled for that project.   If it is on the list, unless described otherwise, it is open for enrollment. 

🌺  Have fun!
The most important thing is that you are having a day to ENJOY!
 🌺  Patterns
Live Classes:  Always include the patterns needed for the day.
Classes (if needed) always include a Class Handout or the Final Full PDF Pattern which includes photos & written instructions.
If the Final Full PDF is not through copyright yet* , by enrolling in the event, you will have automatic access to it when it is released on the site.

When you enroll, unless described differently in the class PDF description, you will have automatic access to download the PDFs for your event. 
 🌺  Class Size
Our system can handle very large virtual classes (300 😳)  Just know that we don't do that.  🤓  We make sure that our events are sized to work well with the project at hand.   Staycations - being what they are - are truly a matter of the "more the merrier".   

A minimum event size of 12 is required for the event to hold. 
Staycations:  a minimum of 20 is required for the event to happen.

 🌺 Please register early.

If a class date just doesn't work out (it happens) , we will get in touch with you the day before so you may transfer your enrollment to another event. 

Enrollments cannot be transferred to another person.

 🌺  Teachers / Shops / Bloggers 
We encourage anyone in the industry to enjoy some fun and abundance by working with our patterns in a class.   Please contact us in writing at so we can get you hooked up with discounts or commissions to make your experience the best it can be.  

*Re:  Copyright.  Yeah, we've been ripped off.   Bad.   So our full materials are now all going through federal copyright protection.   We take this seriously.