VIP Downloading Info

Important Download Info for VIPs 

How to download:   
1.  Once you purchase an item (even if you are VIP and getting it for $0), you then need to go back to the menu item "My Download Library" and download your PDF.
2.  SAVE your PDF!!!    
3.  You are allowed 3 downloads of an item.   So please save your downloads.
4.  Don't share with anyone - ever. In any manner, either.   Ever.   Even if it is a "free" download.   This is theft of our product.  Each person needs to create an account and download their own product.

Got a friend who doesn't have a computer, etc???  
Then we do appreciate you helping her!   ❤️   BUT... please do it by having her create her own account and then go download her own items within her account.  It's the only right (legal) way of doing it.  And it is the ONLY way we can support her, too.

If you "cheat" on this, it is a violation of copyright law.   We take this very seriously after having extremely serious violations happen against us in the past.   We do turn violations over to our attorney.   Feel free to look up Sally Thompson as a plaintiff in Douglas County, Colorado.

🌺  A few pointers about downloading... 

🌺  IMPORTANT:  VIPs... Don't hoard! - It doesn't serve you well to do that.  READ BELOW if you need to know why.

🌺 2022:  We are revising and rewriting most materials.   We suggest you read the description of what you are downloading before you grab it.   It truly doesn't make sense to download something before it's complete... or you are ready to use it. 

🌺 1.  There is limit of 3 downloads of the same item per account.  After 3 times, the PDF must be purchased again.   Or... a member then contacts us (which shouldn't be happening for this) to get us to allow her more downloads.   

🌺  2.  VIPs:  The system, although it will "sell" you, as a VIP, some  items for  as low as $0 , there is the same problem as above.   It can deliver 1 or 2 items before it commonly chokes on trying to handle the rest of your order.    This causes us to have to manually go in and fix accounts. 

So if you don't see some of your items right away (if multiples were on an order), give us a few hours to fix the issue and you'll see them in your library soon.

The system cannot keep up with verifying who you are, then the type of account you have, and then verify that you have permission for the item, then granting that permission before it hands over that information to the download service.  

🌺. 3.  Numbers 1 & 2 have become a problem lately - and will only get worse after we get all of our 13 projects rehabbed on the system - which means 26 downloadables - plus we are now adding our previous versions back in to this system.

Just so you know, cheap items HURT US - because it lowers our average sale and then credit card companies (and possibly some of our other software vendors) will charge a higher fee for all of our sales.  That's an ugly problem.   We have put very low prices on downloads, but keep in mind:  the credit card company gets approx. the first 50c of that plus a percentage. ... So charging is the pits - for the member, and us.  

🌺. As always, please don't share your PDFs or account with anyone.   Ever.   That goes for all of you stores out there, too. 🤓

🌺. Downloading to a mobile device - PLEASE READ THIS PAGE. 

We appreciate your business!