Sew Much Nicer


From Sally:

This is a temporary page - for now - but we need to make sure you all have an easy time finding my son, Joel,  and know his part of our community. 

Because I'm "mom", I can say this:  Even though we knock heads - two stubborn, type "A's" that we are... lol.... We do love each other and I'm so very proud of what he has become.  He is an honest, hard-working man that has done an amazing job in raising his daughter - who he and his wife adopted under some mighty stressful family circumstances when Bri was just a baby.  

Bri has grown up to be an amazing straight A student, holds down a job, and excels at cheerleading. 

- - - - - 

Joel truly is part of the Rock Stars...

When the Angels banded together in 2019 to obtain a car for one of our members who lost her husband in an accident that totalled out their only car, Joel came to the rescue and contributed considerable time & know-how - along with drafting some of his friends - to get us a really nice car for our gal in need.

I want you to see the effort that your "zipper guy" went through to do some good for the Rock Star Angels and our recipient.... 

Joel sourced the car one evening - and ran out at night - during the week - with his trailer to go get it.  That was a bit of effort, expense and time for him - about 100 miles of driving on a work night. 

The car is beautiful but has a blown motor.   The kid selling it was sad to let it go.   We gave the young man $100 over his asking price - just to throw some good ju-ju in that direction, too.

Joel's friends at his work were kind enough to help out with our "little" project.  Out goes the old motor! 

Joel had his connections go to work to find a good motor....

Found one!  There's work involved in getting it out, transporting it, and having it ready to install....

Bri helped a bit.  😁

We were blessed to have such good friends with know-how - and heart -  that were willing to turn wrenches for us during their lunches and break times.

Special thanks again to Chad, Ryan and the good guys that helped with this project! 

And here it is... with DeeDee who came to Colorado to transport it to our gal.

Don't we just have the most awesome people?

And here's our gal.   ❤️ 
Dee Dee bought her the keychain to represent that the car came from people all over the US (and a few from overseas, too!)

Cool story?  

Oh... and the Angels have done so much more!  But this was the mission that Joel was most involved in lately.   ❤️

I hope it makes you feel good to support a dude that would go through so much - and ***do*** so much for us - and especially for a gal that needed love around her after losing her husband.

One last thing I want to say about our Angels...

That when we do things like this for others, it does create a ripple of good out there.   Who does stuff like this?!?!?!    Answer:  not as many people as really should be doing good for each other!!!

So back to zippers.... 😁 .... 

Joel distributes the zippers for us as well as he manufacturers the metal frames we use in our projects.... 

His store is located here: 

This is the place for
• zippers
• frames
• thread buys (check our Event Calendar to find the next one)

He carries more colors of zippers than anyone - in the easiest sizes to use.  (Nylon zippers can be trimmed down easily - so just order a size big enough to trim down!)

And check out the prices.   The current price for a 14" zipper at Joann's is about $4.   Even with their sales, they're EXPENSIVE.  

Our VIPs pay less than $1 

VIPs... remember to use your 60% off code over in his store!
The code is in our Mighty Networks - link to MN is in the top menu here.

Thanks for supporting him and our family... and the good work he does.

We appreciate our community so much! 

Sally and her Rock Star Team