Rock Star Telegram Channels

Telegram Links (scoot down to Telegram Logo if you don't know about Telegram)

🌺 Pubic Chat:

If you're not on our Telegrams, start here.   If you're a vip and you need an invite into those private groups, just tag Sally and ask inside this group to get into the VIP group. 

🌺 RipStitcher Channel
The stuff that Sally is working on.

🌺 Sally on Zoom:

- - - When Sally is on zoom, she usually posts to this group.  So it's a good one to join and make sure your notification is on so you get the cute little "ding" on your phone to know you can catch her.  Cool, huh? 

🌺🌺  The Projects!  🌺🌺🌺 
Just do a search for "Bonza" or "Mojo" or whatever - and find the ones with the red flowers! 


This next channel is IMPORTANT if you are attending any live events.  It's the only time it gets used.  Please add the channel below for a "Plan B" if Sally has troubles.

🌼  Sally's No-Talk Days 🌼

The link above is for use when we're having a live weekend and *if* Sally gets hit with pain flares in her jaw.   If you don't know... She had an extra wicked round of shingles in her face in late 2018.  It went misdiagnosed for 6 months because she didn't have a typical rash people associate with shingles.   The end result was some serious nerve damage in her face that periodically affects her jaw and entire right side of her face.   If it flares, sometimes she can't talk... the pain is too great.   
It's just nice to have this one channel on your device's Telegram list if she needs to communicate to the group by typing. 

She's really hoping to NOT have to use it - BUT BUT BUT ... it's really great we have this option to get by.   If she needs to type what she has to say - just know she's a speed typer!  lol.  And if she needs to communicate by typing, just know that you DO NOT have to - this is especially important if we are doing a session that is recorded.     

All in all.... 
.....  Just do a search for " " in the Telegram chat area on your device to find more - especially the ones we just started for each project. 

If you are not acquainted with Telegram.... 

If you're not with us on Telegram, you need to be!

We just opened up our Telegram accounts ... so please have a little patience while we learn more to make this the best it can be for us.   

Telegram is an app - available for any device. It has a logo that looks like the paper airplane in the blue background as shown above.

Go get it from the app store for your device.  🤓

It is THE place for you to see new things (and get notified if you choose) as well as get a jump on flash sales,  receive the COUPON CODES, and other news.

Once you get it fired up on your device, find our stuff by doing these searches: 

"  " will bring up everything of ours - look for the red flowers: 🌺
Those red flowers will make it easy for you to find us on your list of chats on your device.

" ripstitcher "  will bring up Sally's account.

You will want to join the Sewing.School  🌺 Public Chat 🌺 one, too.

Then.... look through the list of projects we already have up - with more coming quickly.  If you don't find the one you're looking for, pop Sally a message so she can add it right away. 

and lastly - TOTALLY OPTIONAL -   "Real Sally Thompson "will bring up Sally's channel where she shares important stuff that is censored off of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.   She feels a responsibility to you all to be able to find the real truth of what's going on in our world.   She wants you and your families to be safe and healthy.   

If you disagree with her stand, it's most likely because you were only given one side of the story as it relates to the content there.    Our hope is that we all are educated enough to make WISE decisions.  Informed consent is important.   So she's stickin' it out there to give you both sides to allow you to be smart for you and your loved ones.    It is important for us all to stick together.  ❤️
- - -- 
No matter what "side" you're on, I hope we all stick together through these times.

Love, truth and good always prevails in the end.  ❤️