Need Help?

Sorry... I couldn't stop laughing at that one.   😁

Our avenues to help you quickly: 

1.  You're here already! 
Have you tried the search feature on the top of every page?
The fewer words you enter, the better your results.

2.  Sewing, pattern, or general questions?   
  Our community is the bestest! 
Someone will coming running to help! 

Try our free Mighty Network:
(You should be on there anyway!  that's where the best deals happen!)

Or our Facebook Group:

3.  Rather talk?  Or, need to show it in order to explain it? 
  We'd love to meet you!   Pop on our Open Shop Zoom:

•  If you are new to zoom, go to
•  Download the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app for your device.
•  Fire up the zoom cloud meetings app on your device.
•  Then just join meeting # 720 628-0542
•  Turn on your mic and start video.   
•  We're there almost every day - starting at about 8 am mountain time.
•  Check out the Events Calendar for other zoom times.

4.  Have an account related question? 
   Just pop an email to: 

If your issue is personal to your account, then we encourage you to use our support desk.

The support desk will serve you best, as we can always make sure that:
1) you'll get a fast response (compared to our staff catching something like this in any one of about 20 places online... lol) ...  
2) we can communicate back and forth privately ...  
3)  an issue can easily be addressed as efficiently as possible....
4) it stays within our attention until it is resolved.  

We check for emails frequently throughout the day. 

We have about a 2 hour average response time.
It would be less if we didn't sleep once in a while.  lol