Sewing.School : Sew Like a Rock Star Angels

This is a temporary page - we'll be adding lots to this as time permits.

For now, a few things: 

Everyone is welcome.   This group of wonderful people have come together to help others.  

The litmus test for our "missions" is if we can reduce stress, lift someone's spirits, or help them feel loved by what we do.    More often than not, that just involves money. 

Some of the things we do/have done: 

•  Flowers/Plants sent for hospital stays or losses
•  Love Quilts - sent when there has been a loss
•  $$ to help someone in need of groceries, utility payments
•  Gift baskets 
•  Car purchased for a widow when her husband died in an accident
•  Some members have "adopted" another member to help them.

It's important to realize that sometimes we are able to give, and there are times that we are not.   

Abundance does flow - so when we are able to give, usually more just flows through us.  

The recipients of any of these items are not given names of those that contributed.   There is no shame in not being able to help at a given moment, and we don't want anyone to be given the chance to "keep score".

So consider this like passing the hat at a company.   😁

When a need arises, we reach out through our Facebook group chat.   That, so far, has been the most efficient way for us to help someone quickly. 

Our land speed record for "makin' it happen" was when we recently put a call out to get some funds together for a gal challenged with cancer.  She really needed some help with prescription, co-pay, and grocery expenses.     Our goal was to get $1,000 to her.   

The amazing thing?   (I still get goosebumps thinking of this!) ... When we put the call out on the Facebook Chat, in less than 20 minutes we were able to send this gal the first $500.   How cool is that? 

There is an Angel group on Mighty Networks...  the link to MN is in the top menu here.   If you have heart and want to help from time to time - or help sew Love Quilts, etc... please join us. 


PS:  The car story is on the "Zippers, Frames & Threads" page because of Joel's significant part he played in "makin' it happen" on that one.