We're busting at the seams with growth... 

❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️

But it also creates a problem with our service desk.   Alice is still away - taking care of some personal things.... AND... I wouldn't want her to cope with the latest deluge of emails, anyway!  

So please, everyone, try to understand that we have over 50,000 PAST customers and hundreds of current ones. 

We thrilled to see so many people getting back into sewing with us! 

If you have a problem/issue: 

We want to help - but lately, our costs to run the site have gone up, and it seems... for example....  some people think we have time to kill on 99c purchases from six years ago... 

Please understand, there's nothing about a 5 year old purchase that helps us pay the bills today. 

We do want to help... so if you want help, here's how to do it.  This is also sent to everyone that writes to support - it is on the autoresponder.  


We’re here to help - so we have created the following ways for you to reach out to us.  Please use the appropriate method.

FIRST - Have you looked for the information on  ?

THEN - Here are the services we have to help you.  Please don’t abuse these.

🌺 1. Support Desk - You are here through emails sent to: 

Please use support desk for:
• VIPs - if it is a question that is not already addressed on the home page, membership page, or product pages on, or on our Telegram channels, or through our emails.  Or someone in community can't help you.  Please ... Look there first.

• Quilt Guilds, Sewing Groups, and our Shops & Educators.  We do want you to use this support desk system - we want you to have a paper trail for your organization.

• You were asked to write us an email.

Do not use support desk for:
• Issues that require a conversation with us to resolve
• Issues that require us to investigate something for you (use Zoom so you can help us help you!)
• Bellyaching because you didn’t read something before buying it.
• Issues that are better suited for #2, 3, or 4. 

🌺 2. Community -  When someone else could help out, too.
• Telegram - We have many channels.  See this page:
• Facebook

Use this for:
• General questions that undoubtedly are not unique to you.
• Where can I find __________?  (It’s probably on home page of
• Downloading/printing/etc. - Also on home page
• Chit chat/opinions/experiences

Do not use this for:
• Private matters - such as billing.
  Issues that require us to look you up (conversations are better)

🌺 3.  Zoom.   Meeting 720 628 0542 <—same # since 2017!
This is the very best way to resolve quickly & have Sally help you!

Use this for:
• ALMOST EVERYTHING!  This is the best & fastest way for us to fix something for you!!!
  Use this BEFORE you get frustrated!
• If your question requires us to look up your account, this is the only way you should be reaching us.   Your problem probably requires a conversation to resolve - we truly cannot waste time volleying emails. 

Do not use this for: 

• If you got stubborn and refused to reach out and now you’re frustrated!
🌺 4.  Text.   Studio Phone number is: 720 - 628 - 0542 
Due to outrageous amount of incoming spam calls, this phone does not ring for calls - but texts will come in.

Use this for:
• A quickie answer that does not require us to look you up.
• To set a meeting with Sally

Facebook pages
PMs/DMs to Sally - nor her staff on social media. 

We really are here to help - but there's only one Sally and 50,000 of you.  ❤️  Please help us be efficient so we can make more new stuff (instead of spending 20-25 hours a week on emails!!!!!)