Archive Vault - Previous PDFs,Workshops, Etc (Prior to 2023)


Update February 2023:
This is an Archive, of sorts, for all things we had on our previous platforms.   
Those are shut down. 

Products in this section may disappear as their new replacements are made available in their respective categories. 

Everything here was created prior to 2023
We are putting this section up as a courtesy so people can at least find most items that we had. 

Most products are discounted but do not work with other discount offers.

All sales final. 

We are not encouraging the use of this section, but it is here as a courtesy until all of these products are also revised/replaced and/or included in the new platform here. 

You may want to check to see if the particular project you are looking for has been redone into the new lesson format and/or if the PDF has been updated before buying here. 

And make sure you don't already own it on your computer! 🥰

Since 2020 (when the world went whackadoodle over the scamdemic), many of our vendors have raised prices on the services we use - some by hundreds of dollars per year. 

We have always tried to support all of our past customers with their previous purchases, but we no longer can replace previous patterns bought, etc.   Simply put: We really can't spend 45 minutes to resurrect all of the details of a purchase and manually add these items into an account from a product that was purchased 6 years ago - especially to spend time like that on a thing someone bought for 99c! .     

This section will allow anyone to replace what they are looking for.   If you can't find what you want, hit us up on the CHAT Button on the site and we may be able to find an old version of a pattern and include it here. 

That said, if it seems that your account status (VIP, for example) does not seem to be working, please reach out to us immediately so we can fix it for you.  ❤️ 

We hope this helps. 

PS:  All sales final... no "transfers" of items bought in here to the newer versions.  Don't ask.  🤓