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Sept 22 Update: We apologize for the delay on things, but Sally got hit with Shingles in her face again in July 2022.  She's been battling this since 2018 & has snapped out of it several times.   Besides being severely painful, it makes it impossible for her to smile or talk most days.   This recurrence has been extra wicked so she sought out a solution to be able to move ahead on workshop lessons again. 

She's now using a text-to-speech technology that uses recordings of her voice from before she got sick and it creates the audio for some of the lesson sections.   Cool, huh? 

Just watch the main Mastery Workshop Page (link on top of site pages) to see the projects' images come up - and you'll know it's now in the Sew a Long stage or complete.  

I think things are peachy again. 
Our apologies for the hassle - this was a big one.  Ugh! 

So let's get back to normal.... lol.... 


Hey gang..... 
🌺 Thanks for bein' with us!  🌺

-Sally and her Rock Star Team

PS... join the fun in our Telegram channels if you haven't done so already - it's what we use to send out our official notices.  And... it's the place to have fun with each other.  No censoring! 
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About the time zones....

Sally lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. -  Mountain Time Zone.
The Rock Star / sewing.school standard is Mountain Time Zone.
That said... Our calendar seems to adjust for your own time zone.
BUT... we obviously are not in control of your settings.  🤓
Important...  We want to avoid confusion on this for class day.
So...  Just check the calendar & description of the class
to make sure it reconciles with where you are located.