Event Calendar

Hey gang..... 

  🌺  BIG TIP: 
🌺  The description page for each class/workshop/staycation will have a drop down menu for dates available for that item (if available).

Limited seats available for most events - so register early!

🌺 VIPs: Just be logged in to see your discounted price! 🌺 

If you're not a VIP, check out "Memberships" link above!

or ... pop on one of our Zooms if you have questions. 

🌺 Thanks for bein' with us!  🌺

-Sally and her Rock Star Team

PS... join the fun in our Telegram channels if you haven't done so already - it's what we use to send out our official notices.  And... it's the place to have fun with each other.  No censoring! 
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About the time zones....

Sally lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.
So she's in the Mountain Time Zone.
The Rock Star / sewing.school standard is Mountain Time Zone.
That said... Our calendar seems to adjust for your own time zone.
BUT... we obviously are not in control of your settings.  🤓
Important...  We want to avoid confusion on this for class day.
So...  Just check the calendar & description of the class
to make sure it reconciles with where you are located.