🌺 Sally's Voice Issues 🌺

Update Nov 5th, 2023

(Crossing my fingers)  I did some alternative "fixes" for my pain issue - and I think I struck paydirt back in October.   On 10/20, I actually felt pretty decent - pain has reduced significantly.   So I'm back to building up our calendar again.  It sure will be awesome to get our community thriving again! 

Update August, 2023

The 1300 miles & $1,500 to see the Omaha "Expert" Neurosurgeon was a total, absolute bust.   Really working on some naturopathic & alternative pain management methods.   This is getting old.

Update Mar 31, 2023

Happy Spring, Everyone...

There's been lots of stress this past month or so - one of our Defendants in the big lawsuit has caused all sorts of problems.   They've been trying to shove a really lousy settlement offer down my throat - that includes threats of how they can play the game so I'll lose my attorney, etc.  There's really nothing in it for me.

I NEVER have said that I would give up confidentiality (in other words, I would agree to never, ever breathe her name again).  Phooey.   This one chick has caused me hell for NINE years.  And she wants protection against what SHE has done?   Oh. Hell. No.   

And this week, I thought we were going to trial - FINALLY - after filing this suit in 2018.   Well the courts say "case closed" (because of settlement, supposedly) but I did not agree to any settlement that would cause me to protect this wench.  Much less in writing.  

It just won't happen if I can help it.  So that has caused an enormous amount of stress and it definitely comes back at me to cause shocking sensations in my face - even if I go lay down.   It's pretty horrible.

This too shall pass... but it's been a very rough month.  I'm pretty OK as long as I'm thinking happy thoughts and enjoying my work.   I've come a long way with the teaching program this month.  There's been lots of infrastructure to get build to handle the tasks that we do for the stores.  It's starting to work.   

I've also got a lead on a neurosurgeon that I'm going to consult with very soon (just gotta make the $$ for it).   

So just know that all of you that have hung in my corner are greatly appreciated.

Update Feb 26, 2023

Good morning, Gang.... 

I've been on a new med that overall has helped greatly I'm back doing the videos (I can talk!) and we're rollin' ahead again!  They just make me terribly tired.

Thank you to everyone that hung in there with me... last year was brutal

Update Jan 1, 2023.  Happy freakin' New Year!
Well... It's still a roller coaster.   I've been going for the Immune IV's about twice a month.   Thank you to some of my members that have helped me pay for it.   They're about $240 each for the ones I'm getting.

Seems, generally speaking, the mornings are more brutal for me.  So if you don't see me in zoom in the morning, don't be surprised. 

There are days that I feel great, but I still can't talk. I've got this freaky pain in the back of my tongue that causes searing pain.   

Stay tuned - I think I have gotten some workarounds (steep learning curve - at least for me) that will help us still move forward.

I've chased down a doctor that is a guru on a certain specialty that I would like to have evaluated.  Hoping to see him in February or March. 

Update Nov 19 2022- 
Sally's voice has been doing better for at least part of the day recently, and some days without pain killers.  She did a live event over Facebook yesterday - mostly highlighting the zipper availability and new projects.

Update November 2022

Cross your fingers! 

Sally's gone from a Emergency Room visit for pain at 5AM less than two weeks ago to 5 days (at the time of this writing) without pain killers.   She still hurts, but it's much better. 

She's been able to talk - as long as she isn't dealing with stressful or upsetting issues.   This neurological thing is just so fickle!

We know lots of people have been following Sally's path with Shingles and the Post Herpetic Neuralgia because they either deal with it themselves or know someone who's in pain with the same. 

Sally came across some info on Vitamin C & Shingles so she jumped on the info the same day - by getting large dose Vitamin C through IV.  She felt better the next day - it's still a roller coaster, but the improvement is significant - and quickly.

She tried Vitamin C IVs in desperation.  The great news:  they help.   The baaaaaad news:  they're $240 each. 

She really has been trying to go to weekly - but can't keep up with all the bills at this rate.   It's an evil circle - get feeling better to work... or pay bills and not be able to work.     Ugh.    Interesting place, though,.... onusiv.com

The Snazzy and BGB Super Bundle is turned back on... and she is working on parts of those now that she can talk more normally again. 

Updated September 2022

Sally got Shingles in fall of 2018.  She didn't get a rash, so it went misdiagnosed for  about 6 months, causing severe nerve damage in her face.  You'll see this referred to as "PHN" - Post Herpetic Neuralgia - which goes hand in hand with Trigeminal Neuralgia - nerve pain in the face.  It's known to be the worse pain known to man and even referred to as the "suicide disease". 

While it has come and gone a few times, the recurring pain from the damaged nerve in her face this year has been severe and caused most days for her to have too much pain to talk well enough to record videos or go live.

She was doing pretty good for about 5 months - so she lined up fun get togethers on the calendar, and then got clobbered pretty bad in July.  As this is being written in September, things have not been good for Sally to work with live groups.

One of the reasons she prefers to talk on zoom - face to face - is so that the other person can see why she may be talking slowly or may all of a sudden not be able to talk at all.  If zoom doesn't go up on a given day, it usually means Sally is having a rough day.   

A rough day means that sometimes she can't move without the pain being triggered.  Her family has taken the dogs out for her, picked up a few groceries, etc when things are extra bad.  The jarring of walking or turning her head can be a trigger.

So one more support avenue solution was to add the "Chat with Us" feature on this site.  You'll find a button on the bottom right of the page.   These messages go straight to Sally's phone (as well as her computer).  If she's able and available, she answers your messages immediately. 

So until things turn around, we are offering the Class Handouts, Mastery Workshops and the Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs (after they make it through copyright).  Sally's usually able to work on these if she can remain quiet.

If you bought any bundles that contained other items (like Sew A Longs), you will still get access when they happen or you can reach out to us on the "Chat with Us" link here on this page and we'll make it right with you.

As always, every one of you is appreciated.

-The Rock Star Team