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Please read entire description - this is an ADD ON Special ONLY for Snazzy Owners. 

NOTE:  Golden & Lifetime VIPs:  This will ring up as $0 cost for you....as well as the Snazzy Mastery Workshop.

Do you want to check out the VIP programs (on sale now) before buying this?  CLICK HERE. 

FAVOR TO ASK:  PLEASE (to help me cut down on PayPal fees) Please order this on the same order as your Snazzy Mastery Workshop.  

Newcomers especially....  or anyone that wants to have fun with us.....

Step 1.   Buy the Snazzy Workshop at $37.   (or already own it in your library)
Step2.   ADD  this item to same order for 88c  (it's ok to combine them on one order)  

Step 3 (Sally does this one)  Seeing the goofy 88c come through on an order will be the trigger for Sally (If you did Step one at some point) to MANUALLY send you an invoice for: 

1. Bionic Gear Bag 2022 Mastery Workshop (you can sew along if you wish) 
2. FULL Pattern and Tutorials PDFs for Snazzy*
3. FULL Pattern and Tutorials PDF for Bionic Gear Bag 2022*

* Both PDFs will automatically be delivered to your account when they are released - hopefully later this year.

The value is $71 - you will be invoiced $0 for all 3 additional goodies. 

Save $70.12

PLUS FREE:   CLASS HANDOUTS ARE READY and waiting for you for both projects.   The purchase will give you immediate access to download them so you can immediately start going through the Snazzy Mastery Workshop and start cutting out your project! 

Step 4.  Then follow along with the steps in the Mastery Workshop.  Sally will try to stay ahead of you!!!   She is currently on Section 3, Lesson 1 of Snazzy.

Step 5.  Sally will be on zoom ALOT.... plus she promises to be on lots over the weekends to get these Mastery Workshops done this month. 

Take a glance at the home page of www.sewing.school  - she's got the other projects lines up in order they will be released in a similar fashion.

We have a number in mind of how many of these we will sell.... so please go grab yours now. 

This will be a fun month! 


🌺🌺🌺  PS:  THIS IS HONOR SYSTEM - You must also buy (or already own) the Snazzy Master Workshop First to qualify for this item. If you already bought it a while ago, that's ok, too.    If you don't have the Snazzy Mastery Workshop in your order history, and then attempt to buy this, you will just see this order cancelled with no refund of the 88c..   As always, all sales final.  The 88c things we do just cover the costs to Paypal and our other vendors.   

THIS ITEM BECOMES AVAILABLE for download about an hour after purchase so we can verify that it qualified for purchase.  Please be patient with us,   We need the time to offer steals like this.  ❤️