#MW-SSMT-Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop
#MW-SSMT-Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop
#MW-SSMT-Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop
#MW-SSMT-Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop
#MW-SSMT-Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop

#MW-SSMT-Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote Mastery Workshop

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This INCLUDES the CLASS HANDOUT - which is available now.
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This workshop will be delivered in the new system within sewing.school 

Currently Under Construction 



Update 2022 :   The First Final Sample is DONE!  We also have just completed our first "Open Sew" weekend via zoom - it was a blast.   Gosh, we have great people!    Most worked on the Snazzy. 

So PLEASE READ this description and the "tabs" on this page if you are not aware of how we roll out new projects! 

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Everyone else - use your coupon code at time of purchase!   

About this one:  

After lots of ripping and tweaking, I'm thrilled to offer this one to you!  

Poor Joel... he was on this ride with me for the frames - we tried 3 different proportions to get this one to behave.   But in the end, we got it done! 

This one has a "magic slider" that doubles its cargo room by expanding the bag upwards.

This original size will hold a Bionic Gear Bag on the top.  The BGB is not included in this workshop - it is available separately.  

When you slide the top down, you now have a bin of sorts to hold all sorts of things! You'll be able to easily access the items in the bottom without having to "dig down" into a typical tote bag.   

There are two sets of heavy duty, clean, true steel frames to give this bag it's shape.  

A 30" or 40"in #4.5 size zipper works.  Trim it down to 19".  Two contrasting pulls were used. 

🌺   Read PreSale Tab on this page , Please. 


This means the entire workshop and PDFs are ****NOT**** up.  Which is why it is discounted. 

The Pre-sale helps us get a grip on how many frames we will need to produce - so we do appreciate you ordering right away - or VIPs adding it to their libraries.  First orders in to shop.sewmuchnicer.com for the rods and zippers are also the first ones shipped out. 

Please don't bang on us in support about this.   When it is fully published (and back from copyright, the entire PDF will be up.  Wait until it is full price if it makes you feel better.    Seriously.... we can't work on new projects and deal with people that don't read things here.  The ones that don't read are slowing us down. 

By having some of our FABULOUS members work on this project while we are working on the instruction PDFs helps us greatly!   Instead of having "testers" (what a pain!!!!) , we have always enjoyed rolling out new projects at our retreats.  This gives Sally a chance to work one on one with all of you to make sure that each step of the new directions are done well so that the final full PDF is mighty thorough in all the procedures that it covers. 

🌺. VIPs - Yes... .add this to your account by "buying" the item (it should be free if your VIP is active) and checking it out to add to your library in the new system. 

Once you have bought, look at the changelog in the item in your dashboard if you have questions.   The answers should be there.    Or get on zoom.   Don't clog up support.   We love helping you - but it's so much nicer doing it face to face.  ❤️. Link is on the home page of www.sewing.school 

Frames are now available for this project - but REMEMBER - inserting these are the LAST STEP in completing the bag - so no fretting about getting them in time if you are planning on working on them in an Open Sew Weekend. 

Check the calendar for events for this one!  

We'd love to have you join us.    ❤️

Register now, order your zipper and frames from shop.sewmuchnicer.com 

COUPON CODE is INSIDE the Mastery Workshop that gives you 20% off on your order over at shop.sewmuchnicer.com for this one .... unless you're VIP...

VIPs:  make sure to use your 60% off code for this set! 

Look for the PDFs for this one to start populating as we complete Class Handouts, the Full PDF Pattern and the Videos for the workshop.

As always, we appreciate your support in not copying any of this work in any manner, nor sharing your account. 

Patents applied for.
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