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See Also - page 2: The push (defamatory-gaslighting) to have me turned in.

Secret Group - Sew Like a Puppet
This video shows that Daisha obtained it - this is PRIVATE - only between John and Sally.    Any screenshots that are shared with the other assholes needs to be done carefully as to not divulge what is on Daisha's screen. 

So this puts everyone in one place within 12 minutes: 
and Priebe is part of this group, too. 
It also brings in these terrible entities:
Island Babe Rocking
Blue Diamond 250
Lucie Henry
and more. (be sure to scroll down to see video) 

:05 - Proof of secret group: Shows .   This is a group that Daisha managed to slip into.   There was a rather long period of time that we didn't see anything of Rees online.   Then she came back, seems to have allowed a bunch of people into this group in one large "approve all" instead of admitting the requests separately before she did this video.   We think that's how Daisha slipped in.

This recording was made within 12 minutes of the live recording happening. So any comments/likes/etc shows these people were there for the recording.

Due to file nomenclature we use, we have this file of the video as " Rees 180719" in my system.   That means that this recording was done no later than July 19th of 2018.

This date also aligns with Rees' threats of the book almost being done.  The book was published on Amazon on Aug 17 of 2018. 

:57 Mention of book validates that the threats are directed at me.

1:03 She says hi to Candie Staelens

1:27 "Fat Cheeks" - that's the nickname for Sally.   This verifies rest of the gaslighting that goes on in this video.

3:17 Mentions needing to zoom with her "big, big buddies".  Who are they?  We think the financial backers of the attacks. 

3:40 - States she couldn't make any headway against me

4:00 - States how she couldn't stand seeing me raking in so much money for nothing - but she was the one breaking everything.  Not to mention she took $7,000 of the money that came in. 

4:57 - Says getting together will be a regular thing - but we don't think any other videos happened - at least within a short time after this one.

5:20 - Video ends

5:48 - proof Staelens was on the video
7:01 - proof Parsons was there
8:06 - proof the picture of my desk is in this group (iphone references - those are really the ipods that are used as cameras.
8:39 - Parsons stating we blocked her IP
8:54 - CROOKS - statement of 4 phones, scamming
 - - > Parsons responds to Crooks
10:45 Blue.Diamond250 participation
 - - > Parsons participation
11:21 CROOKS BRINGS UP THE IBR ACCT (to draw attention to it) insinuates that Blue Diamond could be Sally
13:26  156 MEMBERS
14:00 - Comment made by Daish reflects she was "let in" with a big group 2 hours ago.
14:15 - Proves Daisha was let in with a big bunch of people waiting to get into this group.  She was not let in individually. 
15:10 - Reference to "Glad you guys kept the hate campaign up for me!"
15:57 - Julie Crooks added Oct 7, 2017
16:25 - Shows Lucie Henry made a post mentioning Daisha's name
17:13 - Shows Staelens joined the group
17:28 - Debbie Cordz Niglod was extra mean, outspoken and hateful at this time, so probably another fake account
18:03 - Margaret Parsons joined group on August 13, 2017 
18:32 - Lucie Henry joined August 5th, 2017
18:48 - Diana Priebe joined June 20th, 2017
18:48 - Barb Russel Joined June 20th, 2017
18:58 - Staelens (2nd account) Joined June 19th, 2017
18:58 - GROUP CREATED BY REES on JUNE 19th, 2017

We had positive traction happening with the business, so this was another attack to mess us up.

- - - - 

2.  Another boring video.  Not much here. Don't bother watching this video. This one took place a few months before we served the law suit.  Only reason for me putting it here is if you can do anything with all of this hate, threats and defamation happening because of business competition... this video proves that Rees and Staelens worked together to compete against me.  And remember, Rees had stolen my email list before this.

Remember that CROOKS wanted me out of business first - starting with hate and bullshit in 2014. 

28:50 - King Tut (we sold that brand) 

Conspiracy - Cross Reference Names

Names of Crooks
7/17/14 - Julie CC - on Etsy.