for John - page 2: The push (defamatory-gaslighting) to have me turned in

Update 1/13/23: Daisha has found the file in DropBox for the Crooks' statement that she was in FC's County and she was at the meeting at the District Attorney's office to see about geting me indicted.   

She has 51,638 images in that folder that are ALL about the conspiracy.   Her internet is not the best, so she has not been able to do anything with those files this week easily.   We're still trying. 

FYI:  Dropbox has made changes over the last few months - because Joyce and I are having problems in "sharing" work files like we used to. 

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Remember:  the whole mission of the several "sew like a puppet" venues was to destroy the Sew Like a Rock Star business by spreading as much fictional, derogatory, and defamatory information as possible.   The type of lies were malicious and outrageous. 

While Kathy Rees, Julie Vanderhoek were most outspoken in saying that Sally wasn't working, they were of the worst to create lies that they hoped others would embrace.   

While Rees would destroy something on the site, she would then say that Sally was lazy and the product was never created.  

Of the worst in the United States were the conspirators named in the lawsuit in 2018.


FC:  Fat Cheeks - this is Sally
AIW: Alice in Wonderland - Alice Neilson, Sally's assistant at the time

This dialog went down in 2017 era.
Notice the mission is to swamp Alice and me with having to take care of defamatory and false claims.  Keep the business derailed and Sally upset so that we were crippled up from all of this defamation that we couldn't go forward with real business.  

Nobody - if legit - needs help with getting a refund... but these people pushed for it. 

Also notice this puts these people together at this time: 
Julie Vanderhoek
Kathy Rees
Margaret Parsons
Julie Crooks 
Barb Russell

Remember that Rees had damaged/removed files from my site and made it inoperable.   So any mentions of me not making content was an out and out lie - its just that Rees was damaging my intellectual property as fast as I could make it.

Remember the letter that ZL wrote in June of '17

The above screenshot also reminds us of all of the bullshit about them filing a class action law suit.   That was the worst defamatory gaslighting of all... as it didn't exist.

Above, you see Julie Crooks adding Castle Rock Police Dept info,

When DaFoe says that the attorney generals wouldnt do anything - well... THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO!!!!!! 

I believe this happened spring/summer of '17.  This would be immediately after Rees had screwed up my site so badly.    Again, refer to ZL letter

But, the specific event of the Utah Atty Generals office reaching me (summer of '17) seemed to be brought on by a complaint by Julie V.   That's why she can say they are working in the background - because she had personal knowledge of the complaint.    

I was also told by Salt Lake City Police that they had received a "weird"  complaint from Canada. (Julie V.)

Utah AG's office did not take the complaint seriously.  I was told I didn't need to worry - and that the guy I talked to said he handles so much junk and 90% hits the trash. 

The above speaks for itself.  This fictitious event they are making up about me rises to the level of being compared to the Aurora theatre mass gunshot attack.

Keep in mind, the attacks (in hindsight) were done to get my following angry at me for products not being available, etc.   So then they go online and talk about it this way that it was me that was "lazy", "not getting work done", "fraud", etc.... 

Keep noting that they take joy in swamping Alice and I in work that would take us away from mitigating the damages Rees had caused to the site. 

And now you have Barb Russell cheering on people to complain.

And also she was quietly working in this secret group to get OTHER people to do disparaging things in my group.    Only in hindsight do we see that Russell seems to be the head of the snake that caused so many problems.

Russell is also commenting on keeping Alice mired in non-productive work. 

Then Margaret Parsons agrees.  This clearly shows how much effort they were putting into keeping my business derailed.  They were taking joy in keeping Alice and I all messed up.

Crooks:  comment about Craftsy "not doing squat" (to shut me down) clearly shows that she and many other tried to interfere with my business there.    In 2015 & 2016, I had earned approx $100k from my patterns on just that one venue.

To Note:  Donna Capps played games with us over an order.   We should have named her in this conspiracy it was so bad.   But, you don't know what you don't know - and we did not easily have access to get these screenshots.   We were blocked from all of this going on. 

Parsons:  Stating that PayPal wasn't giving refunds is because she used a fake name, came back into the site using her credit card and we caught her.   She tried to get the money back (estimating about $70) and she failed at her attempt at a PayPal dispute.   Parsons had been blocked from the site.  We just had to give PayPal a report showing her new activity on that site under the fake new name and different email. 


Biggest lie of all:   That I don't know how to sew. 
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New Discussion thread started by Julie Crooks
All of her great info from the classes she was taking, it seems.

We believe these came from the meeting at the DA's office here in Castle Rock.

Phones will be busy..... more gaslighting.

Kathy Rees : "Perfect..."