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July 17, 2014 - Julie CC
Lies about not knowing Michelle Tucker

Jul 17, 20147:29pm EDT
Jul 17, 20147:44pm EDT
Message:Here's a puzzling thought.... does anyone bother to ask how she came up with hers? (not that it really matters - except for the fact that she was mighty self-righteous about the whole thing when she tried to shut my pattern down!)

A better question is what makes her different from the Japanese pattern from 2010. :) (there's a picture of this on my site - it was a free, popular Russian tutorial by early 2011.)

And there were cosmetic bags out *long* before the Japanese one that used pleats, long zippers as handles, etc.

I *did* draw mine from the ground up but used the same construction processes as the sew together bag. Mine performs much better for the purpose I intended - and is able to do things hers *cannot*. There is *nothing* wrong in that - in that Michelle doesn't own the use of long zippers, pleats, etc.

Do a search for RipStitcher on YouTube and you can see what my bag can do. (If you're curious as to the differences)

I have not been concerned about how Michelle got her "big idea" - not at all... but from the mail I get, it's been mighty interesting to see this story unfold after Michelle and another gal went on an all out internet attack on me about 7 weeks ago.

I've had shop owners make contact with me and laugh at the "controversy" because they have said it's mighty arrogant of Michelle to slam me when her bag is an exact copy (waaaay more so than mine) of the Japanese drawing/Russian tutorial. It was a shop owner that gave me a link to a US site that has that tutorial on it right now. (More info about that on my blog, too)

There is *sooooo* much to this... the gory details are on .

I want to thank you for writing to me with the level tone that you did... most of the emails I get are incredibly evil.

I hope you're doing well on Etsy. I'm off to go to my granddaughter's birthday party - so I don't have time to check out your shop this minute... but I'll try to look later tonight.

I wish you the best!

PS.. If you're on Instagram, please join mine... I would love to see what you do. :)

Jul 17, 20148:01pm EDT
Julie CC
Message:Wow, I totally did not know about the firestorm!

But why, when I search "Sew Together" here on Etsy does your bag come up? Did you purposely put it as a search term to drive sales to yours? It just seems very odd. What is odder is that they are the same price - $12.

Now I know why hers was missing on Craftsy for a time. I thought she was updating it.

I'm in Parker. It's sort of funny that you're in Castle Rock, she's in CO, and so is Craftsy!

I will probably end up buying both of yours, so I'm not taking sides. I first have to get enough funds for my zipper stash!

Thanks for clarifying things!
Jul 17, 20148:04pm EDT
Message:Parker! How cool!

I'm FLYING out the door to get to my granddaughter's birthday dinner... I'll be in the car for 10 minutes... call me ASAP if you can... I'd love to talk with you for a minute or two!

720 628-0542

PS... the patterns were down from Craftsy *ONLY* because of her crazy fans that created a shit storm on Craftsy. :(