#PDF-BZ23-2023 BONZA Bionic Gear Bag v2.23 Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF
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#PDF-BZ23-2023 BONZA Bionic Gear Bag v2.23 Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF

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LAUNCHED September 14th, 2023

2023 BONZA Full Pattern and Tutorial PDF
- completely reworked.  Read on... 

We're proud to have our BONZA called "Tula's Favorite Travel Bag" 

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NEW - for 2023  
 8.5" x 11"  Downloadable PDF
Version: 2.23
Completed Date September 13th, 2023

•  Fewer Pages (there's a story behind that!)
•. Condensed so the PDF consumes less ink.
•  MORE TIPS, TRICKS, and In Depth Info - great for newbies.
•. Different Frame Install Procedure - much easier to construct 
•. Double Pulls #4 zipper for exterior encouraged
•  Material list on back cover of pattern.

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The Previous Bonza Version is available in our Archive Vault