Downloading Info

A few pointers about downloading: 

 Don't hoard! - It doesn't serve you well to do that. 

2022:  We are revising and rewriting some materials.   We suggest you read the description of what you are downloading before you grab it.   Doesn't make sense to download something before you are ready to use it. 

If you just joined VIP, it's not the best idea to go through and grab everything - and attempt to download 10 items, for example.  Here's why:   

1.  There is limit of 3 downloads of the same item per account.  After 3 times, the PDF must be purchased again.   This policy is to slow down people from over-downloading.    We pay for our services that manage your downloads.

2.  VIPs:  The system, although it will "sell" you, as a VIP, all of those items for $0 , there is a problem with the sync to the downloader.  It can deliver 2 items before it chokes on trying to handle the rest of your order.    So then our staff has to go in and manually release the other items to your account. 

As always, please don't share your PDFs or account with anyone.   

We appreciate your business!