#MW-SBA22-New Scrap Bin Accessory Mastery Workshop

#MW-SBA22-New Scrap Bin Accessory Mastery Workshop

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Great Accessory that hangs perfectly off the front of your Bionic Gear Bag or BONZA!!

This item is being totally re-done for 2022. 

NOT READY YET. This item is here so that we are able to offer it on a Pre-sell Bundle - and that the purchasers of that bundle will get automatic access when this item gets published.

THIS ITEM: #MW-SBA22 - MASTERY WORKSHOP for Scrap Bin Accessory 2022

This item will include the Class Handout. 

All rights reserved - no duplication or redistribution in any manner is permitted.   All copies of this pattern must be downloaded directly from us. 

Note:  Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs are a separate item.   They are available for our each of projects once they have cleared filing with US Copyright.