#MW-NW22-New Needle Wallet Organizer Mastery Workshop (coming 2022)

#MW-NW22-New Needle Wallet Organizer Mastery Workshop (coming 2022)

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If you are seeing a big, fat "COMING SOON" Graphic,

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For those folks that just want the pattern... here it is! 

WHY this item is here:  This item is offered here for folks that purchase a Pre-Sell Bundle at a vey low price.  Once this item is published, they will get automatic access to it. 

It may also be given away as a bonus to those that attend live events where this project is being made in a group gathering.   

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Great Accessory that fits perfectly inside BONZA!!

This has been one of our more popular patterns!

This item is being totally re-done for 2022. 

This item is here so that we are able to offer it on a Pre-sell Bundle - and that the purchasers of that bundle will get automatic access when this item gets published.

THIS ITEM: #MW-NW22 - MASTERY WORKSHOP for Needle Wallet Organizer
This item will include the Class Handout. 

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Note:  Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs are a separate item.   They are available for our each of projects once they have cleared filing with US Copyright.