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Edits done on Sept 8th, 2022 
Original post:  June 28th, 2022

For my folks that have been solidly loyal since my daughter's death... this blog post is for you! 

For my prospective customers that have heard the negative and hold it against me, this post is for you. 

Out there on social media, there is no such thing as "two sides to the story".  I've learned over and over and over that someone can say something that is a flat out lie - and if you try to take the "high road" and ignore it, it doesn't go away - it goes exponentially larger because of women that seem to have no other titillation in their lives but to throw fictions around - even when it hurts others.

And... if you try to defend yourself, guess what happens?  You get booted from the group, usually.   OR.... even though THOUSANDS of people saw the negative, the moderators from a group will not allow the other side to be said because that makes "drama".      So the evil side wins.   Almost every time. 

I'm still dealing with shingles nerve pain from all of the stress of the last few years, but with the help of some mighty fine people, we are able to move forward now.

My projects are unique & respectable.   
My projects are fun to make.
The projects are a joy to own and use!   
My work should stand on it's own merit. 
It should not be tainted by the defamation I'm still enduring!

As we are approaching new businesses, one thing we hear frequently is that I was a "scammer" and "thief".   These defamatory statements have hurt my business, my staff, my family and myself in many ways since 2016.   Some negative statements go back as far as 2014. 

A lawsuit was filed in December of 2018.   
As expected, it is moving slowly through the courts.  But there was a significant amount of relief that came from filing - many of the bad-mouthers took down their negative posts and went back under their rocks.

But... much damage remains.   More on that in a future post - soon, I hope. 
I feel the need to prove that there are two sides to the story. 
Most recently, we finally got a court order that helps us move forward.

So to our customers and prospective customers, this is here to show that we have been damaged badly.   Two sides of the story DO exist.
If you have any doubts this is all very real.... 
For starters... look at the image below.  How would YOU deal with having dozens of hateful women storming your staff, family, business and yourself?
THOUSANDS of acts aimed at us took time away from us being able to just work in peace.   
They organized to destroy the biz- and to even make it difficult for my customers to have access and get my work - even while they were giving it away free through secret social media groups.    Think about that. 

They stole my work... most of you know that.... but did you know they rallied together in secret groups to organize & intensify their hateful efforts?   

That proves the conspiracy.   "Poke and Retreat and the next one will do the same.   Confusion and CONSTANT PRESSURE.... "  

Can't make this shit up.  Think about it.... 

"Confusion and Constant Pressure"
Think about that.... we have endured YEARS of this from a rather small, but vocal group of hateful people.   Most don't even know me.
Can you imagine being the target of "Confusion and Constant Pressure"???
We can.   Ask my assistant Alice.   Or any of the other gals that have helped me.   
As for "wrath".... Yeah... when you destroy and steal my work - what do you expect in return?
By the way, Julie Vanderhoek (Canada) wrote this AFTER I sent her a Cease and Desist type correspondence as instructed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police back in 2017.    I also sent her several invitations to talk in order to clear the air.   I have no idea what she was told, because she has been too chicken to talk to me face to face - instead, she rallies people within a secret group as you see here.  Instead of talking to me - she has literally put out hundreds of posts mocking me.

And what the ____ is a "fatal error"?   In sewing?!?!?!?   Think about the gaslighting going on here.  We didn't get access to this post that was within one of their secret groups until 2018.   This was on a Kathy Rees owned venue (to the best of our belief).  Julie in Canada may have had admin powers, there, tho.

And think of Julie... she's one of those "do gooder" types that even volunteers for her neighborhood watch program through their local police up in Canada!  What is WRONG with people?!?!?!   Sheeesh. 

There's a very weird "vendetta" mindset that seems easy to get ignorant people to jump in on.     

The malicious attacks continued until we filed suit in December of '18.
Something about being held accountable takes the fun out of being bullies.
  Even Julie V. and her buddies removed hundreds of hateful posts she had up on Facebook.

SInce the filing, we still deal with maybe 2-3 people a week that have heard the ugly but didn't know we filed suit to try to turn this mess around! 

Really... we shouldn't be having to do any of this.  

The latest.   I won't comment on it, but it shows there's two sides to this.

It's public record.   If you want to read the whole thing - in its entirety, you can download it here. 

In the US, we have conspiracy laws so we could go get a few Americans that enjoyed playing with Julie Vanderhoek & Kathy Rees (and she has about 5 more names).  That's pretty cool. 

We have waited 3.5 years (since filing the case) to move forward.  We FINALLY get to do depositions sometime soon.   I believe some of this is probably related/associated to the Sew Together Bag "author" Michelle Tucker.  I've taken crap from these rotten people for EIGHT years.

And Sew Together Bag?  It seems that was a free pattern on the internet about 3 years before the "genius" Michelle Tucker wrote it into English, slapped it up on Craftsy and claimed it as her own and most likely earned a few hundred thousand dollars.  I digress. 

But the hate that has rained down on me over Bionic Gear Bag (for being bigger and laying out differently) was outrageous - given that it seems that the STB was nothing but a knock off of something Japanese that dates back to about 2010.   (the image of the original Japanese pattern is laid out weird...  but I'll post it at the end of this page - some of you will find it familiar - it was on a site called usefuldiy.com for years)

So to everyone that says "oh, take the high road" ... or... " just ignore it and it will go away"....   well... y'all need to go through what I've been through and you wouldn't dare utter those words.   Everything I had was destroyed - and all in the wake of my daughter's death.   Think of that. 

So as I continue to try to move forward, it's time for this to be known.  It's all public record - anybody can get copies online if they'd like some bathroom reading.  lol

We have filed one more suit, too... as soon as that woman has been served, I'll get you all up to date. 
(update June 2023:  We got a fast $4,000 settlement from that one) 

Many thanks to everyone that has been solidly in my corner since I lost my daughter.   You deserve to know what I wrote here.   

We are moving forward......

With much love,

Sally and her Rock Star Team

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