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***VIP*** Grandfathered

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Please Note - this is an "Honor System" thing... meant for our loyal, previous members only.   Please read....  

Updated 3/1/22 - Yearly VIP Subscription Perks 


This item is for those Yearly VIP Members enrolled in 2020 or before that are transitioning to our new Sewing.School  site.   


OR... if you got this link TO THIS EXACT ITEM (THIS PAGE) in an email.

All others, you will be invoiced another $110 

🌺 🌺 🌺. New for 2022- Once you add an item to your library, it stays there - they no longer vanish at the end of a subscription.   🌺 🌺 🌺 

🌺 🌺 🌺 Joining our community comes with some of fabulous ***VIP** perks 🌺🌺🌺 

🌺  Deep discount on most Live Events:  Classes, Staycations, etc

🌺  Full, unlimited access to all recordings of sewing classes & workshops - 91% off

🌺  PDF downloads of patterns - 91% off

🌺  LOTS of interactive time with Sally. The Rock Star Community is all about getting to know each other by creating a great place to enjoy fun, quality time with each other as you build your sewing skills.

🌺. *** Exclusive VIP Deep Discounts! *** Enjoy 60% off every day on zippers and frames on our sister store: shop.sewmchnicer.com . Example: Zippers you see in big box stores for $4 are less than half - THEN take your discount, too!

🌺  Early Bird/Head Start on all limited edition/limited supply items before they are released to everyone else.

🌺  Full access to recordings of Sally Sew-A-Longs 91% off

🌺  Exclusive Group: When you join, you will automatically be added to the Secret VIP group on our Mighty Networks. Be sure to look in the email you will receive (upon joining) that contains your VIP credentials.

🌺  Immediate access to all RipStitcher patterns that were previously on Craftsy / Blueprint!

🌺  Community! "Sewing is just the excuse that brings us all together." The Rock Star community is unique in the sewing world as we do place focus and priority on serving each other. Start by joining the 15,000+ members from all over the world here: www.facebook.com/groups/sewmuchnicer

🌺  Head Starts! When you hang with Sally and her tribe, you get to know secrets ahead of everyone else!

🌺  No need to buy additional workshops - You're in!

🌺  Premium Rock Star Support!   Just check the "Need Help" link on this site for your options to get the answers you need.

IMPORTANT:   When you purchase this, there are two things to know: 

1.  Buy it by itself on one order.   Don't add any other products to it.  The system won't give you the VIP discount until you're a VIP.  So you need to put the VIP order in first.   Make sense? 

2.  To get the lowest price - make sure you click the button that allows us to send you a renewal invoice next year.   

That's it.   Enjoy!