Thursday Happy Hour BINGO

Thursday Happy Hour BINGO

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Hey gang... I've got goodies to give away! 

Because we cancelled all of our live events due to the plandemic, I have LOTS of goodies that would have been included in the retreat goodie bags. 

Pick your own BINGO numbers.   We'll be drawing the numbers during the live happy hour. 


VIPs - Check for your VIP pricing on this item!  We appreciate you! 

This is for US folks - shipping is included.
Those of you International fabulous people can play, too - but - sorry, you will be invoiced for shipping prizes.     

1.  Please check our calendar - click on link below. 


2.  Choose what Happy Hour Bingos you want to register for
(You may register for more than one at a time)

3.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to purchase the correct number of Bingo nights you plan on attending. 

4.  IMPORTANT:  After you purchase this item, please....Send your
    a.  name,
     b.  dates you registered for, 
       c.  and your 5 bingo numbers (between 1-25) for each date.

Email this info to  Please.... USE BINGO in the subject line!!!   Please send your email as soon as you can so we have time to make the list prior to the happy hour. ❤️

5.  Prizes for the night are dependent on the number of registrants. 
I'll give away 1 prize for every 5 playing.  Ex: 25 players, we'll do 5 games. 
Last game - $100 prize value. 
The fees collected will be spent on shipping and prizes only for participants.

The more the merrier!