Our Fabulous StayCations! - VIPs: Simply log in to see your Discounted Price!

Our Fabulous StayCations! - VIPs: Simply log in to see your Discounted Price!

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Today is Nov 7th, 2023!
Sally is feelin' good again & has been building the Event Calendar for 3 days! 
StayCations Regularly Priced at $127
On Flash Sale for 48 hours! 
VIPs - you get your discounts off this special price! 

Discounts ARE working! 

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Due to increased services expenses, increased credit card processing, wild exchange rates,  etc...
I apologize that we had to change the pricing & discount structure ever so slightly.

🌺  Non-Members - Read product description below for extra perks for you.  🌺

🌺  Join us.  Have fun in our virtual classroom!
🌺  "Pop In - Pop Out Event"™
Sally's available at least 24 hours over the 4 days!  

🌺  Best viewed on a laptop or "real" computer-
so you can split the view to your liking.

🌺   Sew anything you want! 🌺

Truly,  Sew.   Or not.   😁  Work on any Rock Star project & get help if you need it.

🌺. Strict Dress Code Enforced  🌺

No flashing or mooning.   lol
If you carry us into the bathroom with you - mute out.  

🌺  Truly.   Be happy.   Enjoy yourself. 🌺

🌺   Project of the weekend:  Each designated weekend, Sally has a project she wants to work on - but that doesn't mean you have to! 

🌺   Free Mastery Workshop: For all registered non-VIPs.   Once you are enrolled, just make contact with us so we can add the one you choose to your account.  (Use the "Blue Bubble" Chat on this site, please.) This will help you to have visual coaching to get you through any steps of your project that you may be doing on your own.

🌺  30% discount for all attendees registered... Works on most zippers and frames at our sister store (owned and operated by Sally's son, Joel)  Once you register, use the "Blue Bubble" to reach Sally and she will give you the code.   If you are VIP, no need to do this - your 60% off will work. 

🌺   VIPs:  You have full access to all workshops and PDFs already at your pricing level.  Live Events with Limited Seating such as this have a fee so we can pay the tech/shop expenses. 

🌺  If you have a problem finding what you're looking for, just use the "Blue Bubble" Chat here to contact us.  (Please try not to wait till last minute - it gets crazy for Alice and Sally) 



❗️ ❗️ ❗️   All times given on this page are in Mountain Time.  ❗️ ❗️ ❗️ 

Please adjust your times accordingly for where you are located.
REMEMBER - Everything is optional - Pop In & Pop Out ™ as you desire! 

🌺  Thursday

The Rock Star Happy Hour on Zoom - see Calendar
We usually get together from 4-7 PM Mountain Time

OPTIONAL - Bingo - Click Here to See Bingo Details

If you are even just toying with the idea of coming for the weekend, feel free to pop into zoom and get a feel for what we do. 

(Good time to ask questions if you need us) 

This is also a great time to figure out your colors of fabric placement, maybe get your project totally cut out, etc.  It's fun to see what others are going to be doing! 

Beverage of choice is nice to have, too! 

- - -

🌺  Friday:   
Time:   3 pm - 7 pm (and beyond, usually!  🤣 )
Where:  Community Open Shop Front Zoom 720 628 0542
This is like the "lobby" of your "hotel" retreat. 
Fun Starts - Organize and Meet & Greet!

It's a good time to get your pdf's downloaded (if you haven't done so already). 

Not a bad time to cut your parts, either.

Or just hang out and have fun!  

- - -

🌺  Saturday:
Time:   8 am (but we're usually on earlier)
Where:   Community Open Shop Front Zoom 720 628 0542
Coffee, Chatter  & Sewing
Time: 9- 9:30ish  
Depending on # of enrollees, we may open the sewing/crazy room.
Zoom meeting # for this 2nd room will be emailed to those registered.
Time:  By 10 am (it's a goal... lol) 
Sally starts her project of the weekend... time permitting.
❤️  Most important thing is that everyone that needs help gets helped.

Lunch:  Sally usually takes a 30-45 minute break - but usually stays online to visit.  Don't feel that you are under specific time constraints!  We understand that the attendees are often times spread out over about 9 time zones, so feel free to eat whenever you'd like - and you don't have to leave the group.   

Afternoon - Evening:  Pop in, pop out!   Be around as much or as little as you'd like.

How late?  Truly, this is up to all of you!   Some groups get rockin' and stay on into the middle of the night!   (Sally usually hangs in there with all of you!!). 

Sally usually plans on being on until 7 PM (Mountain Time) but again, she often stays late! 

🌺  Sunday:

 Time:   8 am (but we're usually on earlier)
Where:   Community Open Shop Front Zoom 720 628 0542
Coffee & Chatter  - Sewing Finish up

Depending on # of enrollees, we may open the sewing/crazy room
Zoom meeting # for this 2nd room is in your dashboard.

Pop in, pop out!   Be comfy!   Be around as much or as little as you'd like.

11:30 - Jammie Chat ™ - Show & Tell

Staycation Weekend Jammie Chats are fun! 
We do a Show & Tell - feel free to show off any Sew Like a Rock Star project.
Tune in - even if you are not attending this StayCay! 
Our Tech abililies/venues are changing - See Calendar for info. 

Afternoon - optional

After Jammie Chat, those of you that would like to hang out are more than welcome to!