RETURN SHIPPING for Stampin' Up Card Swap - JUNE 2021

RETURN SHIPPING for Stampin' Up Card Swap - JUNE 2021

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My apologies, Card Swappers!  I should have had this up when we started the June Swap.    

AT THIS TIME, This item is ONLY FOR OUR FINE PAPER PEOPLE that were signed up for the Card Swap that is ready to mail out for JUNE 2021. 

And OMIGOSH, are the cards beauuuuuuutiful! 

As soon as I clear out the June packages (today, I hope), then I will update this item to reflect our next swap - which is looking like August, 2021.

So.... this month is a little confusing because most of you already threw cash into your packages when you sent your cards to me.   That was very nice of all of you, but I still need to get you all through our shipping system here.    So bear with me just a bit, please. 

By "buying" this item, you help me out greatly in these ways:

1.  Those of you that were in this swap will be entering your name and address into our system here (if you're not already in it) Your shipping label is then automatically created from that info that YOU enter (so we can't goof it up!) 

2.  Then, the system here will have a record of the "transaction", including the postal tracking, etc.  This generates the "order" that creates the label. 

BUMMER:   Our system won't allow us to create an item that is both fully discounted and also combined with free shipping (it's the pits) ... so the following is the best workaround I could come up with for all of you - just for this swap.   ...    

3.  IF YOU ALREADY PAID the $9:  

Please use the GIFT CARD (that has a $9 value).  At checkout, enter:  


That will wipe out the $9 "item" for your return shipping. 

If that code doesn't work, please text me at 720 628-0542 and I'll generate a new gift card for you.   The new code will come in your email that you use here. 

THEN..... our system will also allow you to enter a coupon code for free "shipping" (otherwise, the system is going to want to charge regular shipping).... 

At checkout, please also enter the coupon code of JUNESWAP

That will wipe out the "shipping" the system will want to add. 

4.  If you didn't already pay your return shipping:   Please still "buy" this item and still use the free shipping coupon code of JUNESWAP.    This will result in a total of $9.

Sorry this is so goofy... but it will be easier for our next one. 

Thanks so much!