#MW-BGB-2014-Bionic Gear Bag Mastery Workshop-SSAL from 2018

#MW-BGB-2014-Bionic Gear Bag Mastery Workshop-SSAL from 2018

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Oldie but Goodie

Archived content from 2014-2018

The PDF for this one is the original pattern from 2014.   It's really something to see our "roots" of where we started.   This was back in the day when you didn't have to be a graphic designer graduate to be on Craftsy!   In fact, it was almost discouraged.   It was meant to be a place for us "normal folks" to share our work. 

The Sally Sew A Long was done in 2018.   It's still great to see faces that are still with us.... and some that we've lost.    ❤️

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The Original Bionic Gear Bag: a best selling project - world wide! Complete video course including PDFs.

This is for the ORIGINAL Bionic Gear Bag Pattern.   Please look for an updated pattern and Mastery Workshop to happen soon.