#CH-BGB22 - Class Handout for Bionic Gear Bag 2022

#CH-BGB22 - Class Handout for Bionic Gear Bag 2022

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Bionic Gear Bag 2022 Class Handout

THIS ITEM: #CH-BGB22 - Class Handout for Bionic Gear Bag 2022

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For Bionic Gear Bag
This is our #1 favorite project getting totally re-habbed!   
It is designed to pair with many of our other projects beautifully.

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This is the CLASS HANDOUT - Please read:

This contains: 
Color Cover
Materials and Tools List
Cutting Instructions 
- - - coming soon --->  Assembly Outline

The class handout is designed to serve to support live instruction by a shop or through one of our events or workshops here on www.sewing.school 

CLICK HERE to see the page that explains the difference between a Class Handout and the Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF.

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The Assembly Outline gets finalized after we have done a live event.  When it is complete, you are able to come back in and re-download the latest version.

This Handout is available FREE through the Sew Like A Rock Star Shop/Educator Program.   Look for your coupon code from your friendly local shop or educator.

Be sure to stay tuned on Telegram and on our Email list to know when the Assembly Outline gets added to the Class Handout - then you may go re-download the newest version. 

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