Zipper Release Info

Our favorite zipper picture from 2016!
  A new HUGE ZIPPER RELEASE is coming up again.... we've been told by the manufacturer a tentative date to look forward to is late September..   It feels good to have some of the crunch caused by the scamdemic behind us!   And our zipper guy, Joel, is settled into his new business so now is the time to rock again!  💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 


For new folks....  Let me explain how it works: 


Good news..... and wow... is this GOOD NEWS.... we have gotten word back from the zipper manufacturer that the order that we placed is in their production queue and some are being made as we speak.   This means we should be looking forward to having a whopper zipper release by late September.  I know that date seems far off (IT DOES FOR ME!!!) But.... time flies in the summer and it just means I am going to re-vamp our calendar to jive with the new zipper release.

We'll find ways to keep you busy! :)


Start making your Christmas lists of who you want to sew bags & accessories for! 


Just know..... THOUSANDS of zippers are on their way!

If you haven't been involved in one of these, they are fun.  The first twelve hours, the zippers are only available at either full price or at the 60% off for the VIPs.  This is one of the BIG VIP PERKS! 

  That day is yet to be determined... but as the day gets closer, and some boxes of zippers start to arrive, then we make sure the VIPs are notified to be ready.

You haven't lived until you see over 600 pounds of zippers arrive at once! 

To explain the date: We could start getting zippers as early as next week - BUT - we also would be killed on shipping expenses  if the company releases the colors of the zippers as they are produced. We ordered 104 different colors in 3 different sizes.  For example: shipping expenses are obscene on a small bag of 100 zippers. So the massive order is created to have them hold the entire order until it is complete.  That said, as the day comes closer, and we find out that they might only be short 3-5 colors, we will let them ship what they have and then we will get any remainders shortly (could be a week or two) thereafter.  That's our best way to speed up being able to having a big zipper release again.

Check the calendar often - if we can move it up, we will.   Follow emails & the Calendar for exact dates. 

Have you checked zipper prices recently?  What Joel has at regular price for about $2 - Joann's has for $4!!!   So take 60% off the $2 - and you're down to about 80c for a zipper that is $4 at Joann's!!!!    That is why this is such a big deal! 

So.... this means that I'm going into the calendar and making some changes that will make building the projects more fun because we'll have a zipper release just before we need them.

This also means that I can use this time to get some Mastery Workshops up ahead of the Early Bird Sew A Long dates.

Again, I apologize for the "musical chairs" the calendar has gone through ..... but just know it's all going to be worth it and... more than anything....  we appreciate you bein' with us!

-Sally & Joel