What's New

Hey Gang...
Live events are opening up for registration (Seats truly are limited! 
Reserve yours as fast as you can!) 

Discount Codes are rolling out....
And remember, VIPs get first crack at everything! 

If you're not a VIP, and you're interested in the program, and it's not functioning on the site yet for you to buy it through here, just send an email to support@sewlikearockstar.com and we'll get you fixed up.

We're still working on a new management system for the VIP programs.  It will be up soon  

Also.. remember...  pop on one of our Zooms if you have questions.  (Check Event Calendar for times and links!)

I'm LOVING how this is all coming along!   It's the best system we've had so far - and I believe it's going to make things soooooo much easier for everyone! 

Thanks for bein' with us! 

-Sally and her Rock Star Team

PS... join our Mighty Network if you haven't done so already - it's what we use to send out our official notices.  And... it's the place to have fun with each other.  No censoring!   https://sew-like-a-rock-star.mn.co/

Here's what we've been up to:

April 16th:  Was a crazy week!  Held a BGB class- complete with problems with zoom!  Thanks to everyone that attended.   More done on site - thank you to all VIPs that helped to migrate - but it looks like we have a deal breaker problem.   We're evaluating the membership software AGAIN - and will probably make a change next week.   Auction software has a glitch, too.   
April 11th:  Angel page added.  Also see Zipper, Frames & Thread Buys link
April 10th: 
Golden Lifetime VIPs are Migrating, VIPs are upgrading to Gold
April 9th: 
The Membership System is working
April 8th:
  Added this page, Mighty Networks page & link, wrote and added "My Courses and Events" info page, lots of work on Events Calendar, added zoom link menu item,  spiffed up the Materials List page, added zoom & Joel's store link to footer,  Events Calendar loaded through June (not linked yet to sell them) ...😁  
Apr 7th: Added "Complete Catalog" menu, PDFs for sale

April 6th:  Bionic Gear Bag Classes are now live for Apr, May, Jun!  Posted 80% off and 50% off coupon codes for VIPs in Mighty Networks 
April 5th:  Watch the buttons on each calendar entry go live!   
Apr 4th:  Calendar is working!  And we think it's BEAUTIFUL!