Sew Like a Rock Star Shop Program

Welcome to the Sew Like a Rock Star Shop Program

Dear Shop Owner/Educator,
If you didn't know it,  I had run a successful bead shop back before 9/11 hit the fan on our country.  I have much empathy for all of the negativity the stores have endured over these past few years with Covid and the ongoing effects it has had on customer behavior .  I've been in your shoes with a brick and mortar business.   I find it exciting to help a store make more money.   This system is built to support your shop.  So here's what I've got for you: 

It's back!  We are re-running our most popular system that we had when the original Craftsy shut down!  Our popular, award winning projects are offered to your students at a super cheap price (88c)... without you having to carry an inventory of patterns.   The focus of our shop program is to help the store increase their gross income by offering unique classes and/or conducting fun special events with the Rock Star special suite of sewing related patterns. 

More traffic through your doors - and away from Amazon, etc!  The Class Handouts (more on that later) are designed with a materials list specifically engineered to help the store build more buying customers through your doors.

More sales.  Carefully run specials for the projects' materials list will help you gain more sales of notions and fabrics. 

More fun for your customers.  If you conduct classes (or special events) you will also gain the income from tuition/enrollment fees from your customers. We also provide some tips on what some stores have done to fill their classrooms and even create waiting lists.  It doesn't matter if you have a small or large classroom, or no classroom at all - we have ways for you to gross major income from getting customers together for fun events that help them create a project made with craftsmanship.

We appreciate you sharing fun sewing days with us! 

-Sally and her Rock Star Team image                                           Shown above: Mojo Bags
How the Program Works
1.  You select the class/event date(s).
2.  You create the promotions/specials you'd like to offer to your customers.
3.  We craft a special email that you send out to your email list.
4.  The email contains specials (including 88c Project Class Handout)
     (Your store gets credits from your customers' orders)
5. Your shop brings in paid enrollments to classes/special events
    (Email encourages enrollments via phone or store visit)
6.  Buying customers in your store take advantage of the sales in your email.
    (In Store Sales - Your specials in email on fabric/tools/notions)
7.  Your shop serves up great events that are packed with info.
    (Excitement between participants is contagious - more sales)

First 8 Projects for this program: 

1.  BONZA 2023 
2.  Needle Wallet 2023
3.  Dumpling Dish 2023
4.  Scrap Bin Accessory 2023
5.  Bionic Gear Bag 2023
6.  Mojo Bag 2023
7.  Expandable Mojo Bag 2023
8.  Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote 2023

Benefits to your store:
Each project can be offered up to 12 times within 36 months.
     (Just contact us so we can create new coupon codes for your email)
Events with specific projects are held on your schedule.
Consider organizing a "club" for repeat enrollments.
No Inventory of patterns required.
Special unique coupon codes identify that customer "belongs" to your shop
You get credit for tutorials/pdfs/videos bought by your customers.
No having to create a promotional email (we do that for you)
Your customer gets an email from you offering super specials.
"Trunk Show" sample(s) to show in your shop (limited availability-please ask)
Teacher binder with info on how to effectively sell each tool/notion.
Your students have followup support via our PDFs & videos.
Store earns credit on sales from your customers on sewing,school
Deepest discounts on zippers, frames on