John-Conspiracy Links

Kathy Rees threatening "come back" .   We obtained this in July of '18.   She had been away for a bit - maybe this was the time she opened and crashed a retaurant concept within 3 months (Where did that money come from?)

Remember, her only reason for being in the sewing world was to trash me.   Her previous endeavors had nothing to do with sewing.

The video below was taken from one of their secret groups that did not allow Sally nor her team admittance.   It was a fluke that Daisha got in - so we copied as much as we could that day. 

You will find 
1.  Fearless - as it relates to still come after me - including mention of book. 
2.  Candie Staelens
3.  Definitely about Sally - use of "FC" = Fat Cheeks.  That's the name they would call Sally. 
4.  All the bullshit about sewing is just s cover.
5.  Raking in $$$ - but she stole $7,000 from me.