***Golden Lifetime VIP New '21***

2021 New Golden VIP Migrate Offer
Upgrades and New Members: Very Limited Time

We truly appreciate the members that have chosen to support our efforts in creating one of the most amazing sewing communities in the world. Remember, with your Golden account, you get lots of goodies....

🌼  NO RENEWAL costs!   If you already have a yearly VIP, cancel it and be gold!

🌼  60% off coupon code that works every day over on Joel's store:
shop.sewmuchnicer.com for zippers & frames.

His pricing is already ridiculously low on zippers - without a discount!   

He also has more colors than any other retailer in the US - and in some sizes that can't be found elsewhere.

So, this discount alone is worth having if you sew projects with zippers! 

🌼  Deepest Discounts when we do thread buys - you will get highest quality thread at about 50% savings from retail quilt store pricing. This has been a very popular perk amongst our members!  We do this as a service to our community.

🌼  First chance at any limited supply items that we release for sale.

🌼  Full access to all PDFs and recorded sewing content on sewing.school

🌼  Full access to all Mastery Workshops!

🌼  80% off most Live Events! This includes Classes, Staycations, etc. 

🌼🌼🌼    And of course, everything else that our VIPs and Community have available to them!

Golden Lifetime VIP - $597

🌼  We are still navigating into a new membership system for the site.  If you run into ANY problems, please pop on zoom (link in menu or in the calendar, remember) .   We're here to help - and we appreciate you helping us to get everyone settled into the new system.  

🌼🌼🌼   The deals: 

Current Golden Lifers
Use your special code to migrate for $1.
(Sorry - greedy credit card companies won't process an order for free - we tried! This will give you complete, easy access on our new system.

(Remember?  Code is on our Mighty Network.  Link to get there is in top menu)

If you migrated for $1 and it doesn't seem that you're getting your products free, PLEASE contact us - zoom is preferred so we can fix you up. 


Current Lifetime VIPs
Use your special code to upgrade and save $300
In upgrading now, you will:
🌼 Get everything you already get, 60% off zippers, etc...
🌼 Go from 50% off to 80% off on live events
🌼 Get first crack at limited supply items - and Sally's DeStash is coming up! 

(Remember?  Code is on our Mighty Network.  Link to get there is in top menu)

🌺  Migration Specials for everyone else .... 🌺  Limited time....
We're watching to make sure we don't over sell this!
This will end without notice. 

🌺  Current VIPs - cancel your yearly and join Gold
Use your special code to save $200

(Remember?  Code is on our Mighty Network.  Link to get there is in top menu)

🌺  New folks wanting to dive in to Golden Lifetime:
USE CODE NEWGOLD to save $100

To Upgrade or Join Golden Lifetime VIP - CLICK HERE



To Upgrade or Join Golden Lifetime VIP - CLICK HERE