For Sally


Thanks for looking at this.   I really appreciate and need my friends right now.

I'm not publishing this page, obviously, but this makes it easier for me to explain.  It's kinda stressful today (to put it mildly), so I'm trying not to talk too much. 

The worst part of being sick (not able to talk - pain) is that it's put me in a position where I can't help others as much as I would like to!

It's been a long 34 months of trying to work through this pain issue in my face. Every year is a little better than the last - it's just slooooow to heal.

I hope you saw the Facebook Live I did on Wednesday, Sept 29.  I hope you can see that things are getting better - it just is not easy to make up for so much time that has been so difficult.

I'm gonna turn this all around - but I'm in a serious pinch now.

The business bills are paid - our email, site, rent, power, etc....

But I have about $2,400 in personal bills that are in a serious crunch - Prescriptions, two car payments, storage (30 days late - and I don't want my stuff on the next TV program! 🥴) and insurance.

Every little bit helps...   

The new project, the new site & now being able to talk more frequently to do videos, etc.... yeah.... we're on the way.   I just can't crash and burn now! 

I NEED to do good so my business can do good things for other people - including Daisha & Alice. 

I appreciate the help sooooo much!!!!

I'm keeping a list... I will pay you back!
By using this page, it will help me keep track.  


 If this is a tight time for you, and you can't, I truly understand!  

Lots of love to you always.... 

Loan to Sally