NEW Early Bird Sew A Longs


ONCE UPON A TIME....Before our world went all whackadoodle and we felt it wasn't (and still isn't) a good idea to put a large group of women together for a sewing retreat... 

Normally, our new projects were always brought out for the first time at our retreats. 
Gosh, I miss those great times!!!! 

Folks would come to the venue, bringing their supplies.
When they got there, they would get a "rough draft" handout that basically was cutting instructions.   Heck, one time, all of the info was on a white board in the room!

Throughout the weekend, those that wanted to build that item were welcome to... with help, of course.

And from the experience, we were able to make improvements on each pattern/project.   It was awesome!   Everybody had fun and learned alot - including me. 

Given we can't do that - YET ....

These Sew A Longs now seem to be the best way to serve us - using Zoom meetings and our camera system.   Think of them as being the "test drive" for new and updated patterns. 

At retreats, obviously our participants were able to choose to have fun with the new project - or not.  😊.   So now, we're grateful to the fun folks that like to give a pattern "test drives"  so we can use all of the wonderful feedback to make the final PDF and the Mastery Workshop for any specific project be the best they can be. 

The Class Handout is included for Early Bird Sew A Long Projects!
Check the description of your desired product prior to enrollment.
No refunds if you goof this up! 
Carefully read the descriptions on the items you are selecting.
Most recorded events, workshops and live Sew A Longs include the Class Handout.  

🌺 Class Handouts contain: 

Color Cover
Materials and Tools List
Cutting Instructions 
Assembly Outlines (after the project has been introduced and fine tuned in a live session)

The first live session may not include the Assembly Outline.

If you get the Class Handout prior to the Assembly Outline being added, you will be able to come back and download the newer version.   LOOK AND COMPARE the version number on your copy and to the current version in the download library before you "burn up" one of your download allotments.

🌺  Class Handouts do not take the place of a Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF.  If you are looking to "only get a pattern", this is probably not the best choice for you unless you are getting it with another form of instruction from your local quilt/fabric store or us. 

🌺 The class handout is primarily designed to serve to support live instruction by a shop (or us) through a local store class, or with one of our events and/or recorded Mastery Workshops or Sew A Longs here on

🌺 The Assembly Outline numbering system will correspond accurately to all of the products for a project:  Early Bird Live Sew A Long Event, Sally Sew A Longs, Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF, Mastery Workshop, Recorded Sew A Longs, & the Sew Like A Rock Star Shop & Educator Program. 

🌺 This Class Handout is available for 99c through the Sew Like A Rock Star Shop/Educator Program.   
Look for your coupon code with details from your friendly local shop or educator.

🌺 Stay tuned.  New events are first added for our projects  on Telegram (see the pinned post in the Public Chat channel), then on our Calendar here on this site, and also through our Email list.  

🌺 Note:  Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs are a separate item.   They are available for our each of projects once they have cleared filing with US Copyright. 

🌺 🌺 🌺  Speaking of copyright, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to copy and/or distribute the Class Handouts in any form to any other person or publication in any manner.   Each person must register with the site & download their own.   Please honor our work by not violating copyright law.   No exceptions without an agreement being in writing. 

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