#SSAL-DD-Dumpling Dish-STREAMING RECORDINGS-Includes Class Handout-Sew A Long 2019-remastered 2022
#SSAL-DD-Dumpling Dish-STREAMING RECORDINGS-Includes Class Handout-Sew A Long 2019-remastered 2022
#SSAL-DD-Dumpling Dish-STREAMING RECORDINGS-Includes Class Handout-Sew A Long 2019-remastered 2022
#SSAL-DD-Dumpling Dish-STREAMING RECORDINGS-Includes Class Handout-Sew A Long 2019-remastered 2022

#SSAL-DD-Dumpling Dish-STREAMING RECORDINGS-Includes Class Handout-Sew A Long 2019-remastered 2022

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Complete set of videos from a gathering in 2019 - remastered in 2022

Eleven bite size videos.  Total time: 3 hrs 17 mins

Our new format provides scrolling, searchable text alongside your video
- synced to the video/audio source.   Cool, huh? 

This is here to help with comprehension, as well as serve those with a hearing impairment or those that have English as a second language.

These are RECORDED.  Stream these at your leisure! 

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🌺 About Sally Sew A Long Recordings.... 

These were not scripted.
Everyone in attendance agreed to the event being recorded before they purchased a seat.
These are meant to be casual & fun! 
We offer the recordings for late comers as well as those folks that just can't make it when we're live.
But hey..... 

Enjoy these recordings at your own pace.  


The Class Handout Is Included.
Check the calendar on this site for upcoming events.

🌺 Important regarding the CLASS HANDOUT - Please read:

This contains: 
Color Cover
Materials and Tools List
Cutting Instructions 
- - - look for later --->  Assembly Outline - Will be added during the copyright process.

The class handout is designed to serve to support live instruction by a shop or through one of our events or workshops here on www.sewing.school.  It IS NOT designed, nor meant to take the place of a full pattern and tutorial PDF.   Ever.  See your live event info for more info pertinent to your project.

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-Sally and her Rock Star Team

Note:  Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs are a separate item.   They are available for our each of projects once they have cleared filing with US Copyright.