#TP-BGB23 - Teacher Program for Bionic Gear Bag '23

#TP-BGB23 - Teacher Program for Bionic Gear Bag '23

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Teacher Program for Bionic Gear Bag '23

Bionic Gear Bag 2023 shown in pics 1-3 above
Bag in bottom right is Snazzy 
Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote is being rolled out in 2023


This is the Teacher Package
designed for shops & educators

This contains: 
12 Month License to use our special system for classes.
No additional charges to use up to 12 times for your classes/events.
We serve you by creating a customized email to increase your sales for each one of your events.
FULL TUTORIAL PDF for the instructor.
PowerPoint / Keynote support.
No inventory to carry!
Full support for your class - help for your instructor if needed
Our goal is to create best income possible for your shop!
Fun classes - Sally drop in by video option (depending on availability)
Class by zoom - ask us about it
Book in early to reserve a well made, sample loaner model bag  

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•  We craft a special email that you (shop owner/educator) send out to your list encouraging your following to come to you to get fabrics, notions, & enroll in your class or special events that you hold.

•   Boost your sales by offering a special for everything on the materials list!  We designed the materials list to contain EVERYTHING we use (right down to the pin cushion) on the list to increase your sales & attract your customers through your doors.

•  Student prep supported in the email!  The Class Handout (normally $9 value) is offered to your customers/students for 88c when they use the special coupon code that identifies them as your customer when they come to our site to purchase and download the Class Handout.   The Class Handout provides the cutting instructions so your students can be ready for your class/event.

Example of Class Handout

CLASS HANDOUT - Please read:

Class handouts do not contain assembly instructions - they are meant solely to be used with another form of instruction - workshops held through your own local sewing shop, live online classes, or videos.  

CLICK HERE to see the page that explains the difference between a Class Handout and the Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF.

If you want the Full Pattern & Tutorials PDF - CLICK HERE.  

If you want the Video Workshop - CLICK HERE.

All rights reserved - no duplication or redistribution in any manner is permitted.   All copies of this pattern must be downloaded directly from us. Shops are not allowed to make copies for any reason, either.

Note:  Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs are a separate item.   They are available for each of our projects once they have cleared filing with US Copyright.