Shop/Teacher Program-Mojo
Shop/Teacher Program-Mojo

Shop/Teacher Program-Mojo

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Our Best Selling Mojo Bag Project was chosen for 4th quarter, 2021 because it's a fast sew (about 2-3 hours) and is our best selling gift project. 

As the shop owner or teacher, you receive the licensing to allow as many students as you would like to get this pattern free for one year.   Your customer just has to log in (create an account if they don't have one with us here) and then use your unique coupon code to "purchase" (the abbreviated "Class Handout" version is free) their item.

Your students may also elect to get other items for this project at a discount - 50% off.

You will receive a 20% credit in our store from the items purchased from students using your unique code - apply towards your next purchase with us here on .  


Remember, you may send out your customized email as often as you wish.   Just let us know so we can send you a new one with valid coupon codes on them.  We strongly encourage using discount codes that expire to help you create urgency - get them in your store to buy goodies right away!


Talk with Sally so she can customize the email you will send to your list so that it best serves you!
Email to send out to your customer list (do this right away!)
Email contains coupon codes that are unique to you.
Email contains link to FREE ABBREVIATED PATTERN (has 14 day expiration date)

Customer then clicks the link from your email to get:
•  Free Abbreviated Pattern for this project
   (free link valid for 2 weeks - creates urgency)

•  Materials and Notions list - detailed to help sell your inventory items!
   (Use to get them in your door!  You set any desired discounts and/or expirations)
   ( Use this list to offer a discount on the notions needed for the project!) 

•  Discounted support: 50% off videos or full color PDF Project Instruction available on
    (Sally's videos are detailed and fun)

•  Access to free basics videos
    (Great for beginners - but lots of tips good for experienced sewists, too)

•  We support machine feet!  Videos for the feet used in project.
    (Helps you sell accessories!)

•  25% off coupon code for for zippers and frames
    (We can remove/modify this from the email if you sell zippers, for example)

For Shop Owner / Teacher Buyer of this program:
•   One year VIP status on to get discounts at  (Zippers are 60% off, for example)   $179.00 value

•  Your employees or helpers (if you are a teacher) are welcome to buy the yearly VIP membership at 50% off.   Just send a message to and we'll get you fixed up. 

•   UNLIMITED number of your customers/students may use code - one per person.

•   Benefit of NO STOCKING of items - they download at their leisure from us

•   Benefit of NO TIME AND LABOR spent making up "kits" of any sort - unless you want to! 

•   You receive credits on products purchased by your customers that use your coupon codes at .  Use these towards your purchases on . 

(This is still under construction a bit.... so look for more details later!)