#EB-PASS - Early Bird Pass - All Projects Sew A Longs - Value $1,100+

#EB-PASS - Early Bird Pass - All Projects Sew A Longs - Value $1,100+

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The Early Bird Sew A Long Pass MEMBERSHIP

💰  💰  💰 Early Bird Pass Value - 💰 767  💰  💰  💰

🌺 This is quite different than our VIP Programs.  

This program was created to round up some of our most loyal and fun members to give you "first crack" and an early "in" to the things we're working on. 

Early Bird Members help us greatly to do a better job on our upcoming materials for a project.   Thank you for your time in considering being part of this with us! 

In the past, all new projects were first built by folks that came to our live retreats.  Since the world went all whackadoodle on us with the "C" cootie (SARS) , we are not scheduling any live retreats until our world comes to their senses.     Therefore, the "Early Birds" are appreciated as being our new resource to help create new projects.

🌺  First - it's important to know the order of our product production and the importance of how the Class Handout & Early Bird Sew A Long fit in:

1.  Sample item gets sewn, the first round of photos are taken, etc.
2. The Class Handout is made in time for the first Early Bird Sew A Long.
3. An Early Bird Sew A Long is scheduled (these are not recorded) These are casual, FUN get togethers conducted over our 3 zoom rooms.  Attend in the comfort of your own sewing room.   The feedback & participation in these events helps us greatly 
4. The Assembly Outline, Mastery Workshop, and Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF are improved and perfected from the experience from folks that are using the Class Handout & Early Bird Live Event.
5. The Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF is sent to legal & off to get the US Copyright.  This PDF is NOT distributed until after it receives its copyright.
6.  Mastery Workshop is fine tuned & published while we're waiting on #5.
7.  A Sally Sew A Long (which we DO record) is scheduled & done.
8.  Full Pattern & Tutorial is published as soon as it receives its copyright.
9.  The project is then fully completed and ready for distribution to our Sew Like A Rock Star Shop & Educator Program. 

THROUGHOUT this whole process, the Class Handout provides the info needed to build the project with the instruction provided by us or your friendly local shop.

What you get with this Early Bird Pass: 

🌺 This is a membership product.  

🌺 Be sure to be a member of our Telegram Sewing.School Public Chat channel.

🌺  Once you enroll in this program, we will add you to the Private Group.

🌺  Obtain your coupon codes in the Private Early Bird Pass Group on Telegram.

🌺  You will get: 
 -   Early Bird Sew A Long Event - usually 2-3 days at the Lowest Price (Under $3)
  -  The Class Handout
  -  The Sew A Long Recordings (#7 above) Permanent Access
  -  35% Discount on most Zippers and Frames (If you are also VIP, use your 60% off)
  -  Other Discounts on project products, if any

🌺There are currently 13 projects on the drawing board that are new, or we are revising/rehabbing.   But there will undoubtedly be more.   

🌺You'll be "IN" for the new things we do going into the future.

🌺 Extra Info: Formats of everything we do 

Class Handouts - $9 

These are designed to be a gift to the customers that are on a shop's mailing list.   Get your shop involved!  These include a basic outline of construction, material lists, and cutting instructions.

PDF Patterns - $10-17 
Each of the re-worked PDFs will be available as soon as they clear copyright.   My attorney got an assistant to help us get our stuff done!   Woooo Hooooo .  Since 2017, we take copyright seriously.   We currently have 3 court cases in the works.   Please help support us by not allowing theft of our work. 

Sew A Long Videos - $22
Recorded fun.  We may periodically run specials on them.   The one we did 4 years ago was a super hit.   I'm so excited to say that our new guy will make doing this possible again.

Live Event Sew A Longs - $29  These are FUN. See the Calendar for "Sew A Longs" times to get on live.  These will help make sure that our Mastery Workshops clearly address any trouble spots that students seem to have.   WE LOVE YOUR INPUT!  The pricing of this and the recorded videos support the costs of video production.  Without this, we wouldn't be able to blaze ahead.   So when you participate, you truly are helping us create better Mastery Workshops and grow again.
Mastery Workshops - $37
As always, clear training broken down into bite size bits so that even a beginner sewist can create a project with craftsmanship! 

  🌺 The Projects - in tentative order to correspond for the Shop Program:

Bionic Gear Bag 2022 - New Update with several new features
BONZA - PDF is through copyright - and it's now our best seller
Mojo - reworked
Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote - two sizes 
Dumpling Dish - reworked
Scrap Bin Accessory - reworked
Needle Wallet - totally re-habbed
Expanding Mojo - 4 sizes - new videos, etc
~New Project - drawings are done - this one has a patent in the works
Baby Bionic Gear Bag
The Infamous Hat - crazy thing we did for Joel - we've been getting requests!
~New Project - drawings are done - really looking forward to this one
Mother Lode ~ Reworked - better than the one that was stolen from us 😁


Price of Early Bird Pass $189.50 

No discounts on this one - because this will support the live events and our new video guy. 
$9 Class Handouts x 13 = $117
$22 Sew A Long Recordings x 13 = $286
$28 live events x 13 =  $364

 💰  💰  💰 Early Bird Pass Value - 💰 767  💰  💰  💰