#PDF-BZ22-New BONZA Gear Bag 2022 Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF

#PDF-BZ22-New BONZA Gear Bag 2022 Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF

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This item is up so that it can be part of a Pre-Sell Bundle - and when this item is published, those that got it at a super special price will have automatic access. 

New - for 2022.   

The new version will have totally new pictures, etc.

The '22 version includes the step to only sew the sides of one side up half-way and then wait to put your rods in until the end. 

If you buy this one before the '22 is ready, you will have access to the '19 one. 

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It won't be on sale on the site until it is published - and that is after we get our copyright back from the U.S. Copyright office. 

SUGGESTION:  DO NOT burn up your downloads (you get 3 accesses) .  COMPARE the date of the document that you are downloading to any that you already have downloaded and printed.

Just know it's in the works.   This is a placeholder on the site.