#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote
#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote
#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote
#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote
#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote
#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote

#EB-SSMT-220909 Early Bird Sew A Long for Snazzy Slider Mojo Tote

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We're looking forward to another fun weekend!

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🌺 1.   IMPORTANT: Once you enroll, check your email and "My Download Library" link here (at the top of this page).   The Class Handout is included at no charge for those enrolled.  It will be ready for you to download as soon as it is available - at least 7 days before the event. 

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🌺🌺🌺 Dates for this event:  PAST EVENT , 2022 - All Times: Mountain Time   🌺  🌺  🌺

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Optional:  Thursday  September 8th -  5-7ish* PM Happy Hour 

We also suggest you follow the "Sally on Zoom" Telegram channel if you want any help before this.   Sally and other helpful members are on almost every day - for usually long hours.   It's easy to get assistance there.  Look at the top of this page for Telegram info.  

Fri - 5 PM into the eve  - Cutting & Prep Party 

Sat - 8-10 AM - sewcial Sally is on to help.  Blaze away on your project, or just hang out.
        10 - 1 PM - sewing
          1 - 2 PM - hypothetically we break (they usually don't happen! lol) 
          2 - 6ish* PM - sew until we're pretty close to bein' done

Sun - 8-11 AM -  sewcial  
          11 - Show & Tell Jammie Chat (more info on cyber venue for that to follow)
           Zoom says open until at least 3PM... if the group is having fun, it commonly goes later*

* - we almost always go into the evening for as long as there are folks that want to hang out.   Sewing not necessary.  lol 

🌺 About Early Bird Sew A Long Events

These are not recorded.
These are meant to be casual & fun! 

Attire:  lol... What's "attire" mean?  🤣  All kidding aside, come comfy & come as you are!  No judgement!   That includes jammies, bathrobes, sweats, etc.  The object of the game is to have fun.  

🌺 The purpose of the Early Bird SALs

Before our world "changed", we always brought out new patterns at our physical retreats.   The retreaters would have the first crack at making the items.   The advantage of this was that Sally could verify everything was working well - and she could also see if there are certain trouble spots in the PDFs, or within the teaching outline that could use a little polishing up or perfecting - making the project easier to assemble for everyone to follow.

Unless our world gets back to normal.... 

The Early Bird Sew A Longs now take that place.   Consider it a great time to be first at making a project and all feedback and ideas that come forth and then go into play into the pattern.  All from the comfort of your own sewing room! 

The Class Handout Is Included 

🌺 Important regarding the CLASS HANDOUT - Please read:

This contains: 
Color Cover
Materials and Tools List
Cutting Instructions 
- - - look for later --->  Assembly Outline - Usually done after the first live event.

The class handout is designed to serve to support live instruction by a shop or through one of our events or workshops here on www.sewing.school.  It IS NOT designed, nor meant to take the place of a full pattern and tutorial PDF.   Ever.  See your live event info (obtained through #2 above) for more info pertinent to your project.

The Assembly Outline - when added to the final products - is a numbering system that will correspond accurately to all of the products for a project:  Early Bird Live Sew A Long Event, Sally Sew A Longs, Full Pattern & Tutorial PDF, Mastery Workshop, Recorded Sew A Longs, & the Sew Like A Rock Star Shop & Educator Program. 

This Class Handout is available FREE through the Sew Like A Rock Star Shop/Educator Program.   Look for your coupon code from your friendly local shop or educator.

Note:  Full Pattern & Tutorial PDFs are a separate item.   They are available for our each of projects once they have cleared filing with US Copyright.