Tab: What makes our projects better


THANK YOU for taking some time to be with us!

I bet you might be accustomed to just grabbing PDF patterns and then "toughing it out" when you sew, riiiiight?

Well, it's different here.  Big time.

Everything you could possibly be looking for is on the home page of Sewing.School .    Can't find something, jump on Telegram and ask in the public channel.   Someone will come running to help. 

There are a few things the tribe of Rock Star Sew-Land SHINE at:

1.   We can do anything.    Forget that "beginner, intermediate, expert" jargon.   I believe that any project can be done with craftsmanship if the right tools are being used for the job -and- the sewist can kick back, relax, and just focus on one seam at a time.  

One. Seam. At a time.  <--- Who can't do that?

That is all a whole lot easier to accomplish if she can SEE it done first.   We're not a PDF site - we're a teaching/community site. 

2.  Our projects are broken down into bite size pieces.   It's easy to take in the information that you need to see... and it's equally simple to skip over a lesson that you may not need to see.   This is why we feel we do a great job at teaching for all skill levels.  We at least try to do our best for you! ❤️

3.  Basics - many videos are available that are extra helpful to newbies.

4.  If you stumble, we have amazing help and support!   From our Telegram project & chat channels, to our Amazing VIP Membership , and to our well - staffed support desk...   nobody can say there isn't help for them.    The trick?  Reach out before you get frustrated!   We want everyone to enjoy your time with us.  

5.  While we all come together because of sewing, in our tribe, "Sewing is just the excuse that brings us all together."   If you give this group a chance, you're likely to meet some mighty amazing people that will become lifetime friends.   We truly are here for each other.  

6.  Relax!   Enjoy!  There's no judgments.  Just support.   Doesn't matter your age, experience, skill level...   we think it's great you're sewing! 

So, if this is your first foray into trying out one of our projects, we hope you will take advantage of the video portions, too!  You'll find we have a great time - and there's always room for one more to enjoy the community we have going on while you achieve new levels of enjoyment and craftsmanship in your finished project.

Thanks for looking at this - I hope we meet in our live sessions!

-Sally and her Rock Star Team