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Hi all.....

For people new to us....

As my long time followers already know, I have been battling a facial pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN).   Mine was caused from having Shingles in my face - without a rash.  In severe cases, a rash can go wild and cause blindness (even loss of an eye), hearing loss, and disfigurement.   While mine wasn't severe on that front, mine was "stealth" in that the pain I was having wasn't diagnosed easily.    It's really shame - this is probably a common cause of TN that just isn't recognized like it should be. 

Shingles is caused by a latent virus from chickenpox that can rear its ugly head - especially in times of stress.  It is common - but my special location isn't thought to be so common.   There is a vaccine out there - ask your doctor about it!  I wouldn't wish this on anyone. 

Side note:   I'm damn near an expert on this shingles topic these days - there are ways to reduce the pain without getting on some serious drugs with bad side effects.   If you or someone you know gets pain - it needs to be addressed immediately.   After about 3 days, you're already too late for some cheap, safe treatments that could avoid years of pain.   For me... t787he goal is to heal!  And now, with the recent covid shots going around, one side effect is having shingles rear up.    Reach out to me if you'd like some info that can help reduce the shingles flare ups and heal.   Don't delay - or nerve damage happens.   I'm here to help if I can. 

In my case, I had been under serious defamation and computer type attacks on my family and business after my daughter's murder in 2016.  She was involved with some mighty rotten people - and I believe they are what was behind the "hate" (putting it mildly) that ran like wild fire through social media against me.   It was a terrible couple of years - the attacks on my business even included computer attacks - these people seemed to have had the mission of making sure my customers could not access what I had built.   They wanted my customers to get angry - and some did.   It's crazy.   Can't make a story like this up - I think there is one person that was involved and the goal was to beat me up so badly that I wouldn't have anything left in me to come after this person.    There are two people in the story - that in my dreams - I hope they wind up in prison. 

  It's really sad...  because they were really successful in destroying much of my business and character.    It continues on to today because some people are just so STOOOOPID to believe anything they read on the internet.     Anyway....  I got relief from most of what these horrid people were doing by filing a lawsuit on 5 of them in December of '18.   That case is moving slowly through the courts at this time.

Unfortunately,  the stress was at an all time high with the attackers being just horrible - while we still never got answers on Jess' death - and while we were also just trying to do our normal work - and putting the lawsuit together.   So... the month leading up to me filing that lawsuit on the attackers of my business was just too much.   So the shingles initially hit me in November of '18. 

Because I didn't have a typical shingles rash, mine went misdiagnosed the first 6 months or so.   By then, the shingles caused nerve damage that is very slooooooooooow to heal.     I've had more bad days than good over the past 32 months.  🥲   And a good day is like having a bad toothache.  😣  Very few days are actually what anyone would consider pain free.

I do have hope..... because I'm doing better than I was a year ago, and last year was better than the year before.   But there are days I can't talk because the pain is so bad - geeez- just yesterday morning was one!   So, just about the time I think I'm out of the woods, I get walloped with another bad week or two.   

I'm telling you all of this because I haven't been doing as many things actively with all of you - as much as I'd like to!  It's a horrible thing to try to plan work and then hope I'm having a good day in order to enjoy the day doing anything live. 

Gosh... I love you guys!   And I enjoy what I do - but having shocking pains or days that the pain keeps me from talking, eating or drinking is just too much. 

The pain of the last few days has kinda helped me figure out a new way of going about what I do - and I hope that you will enjoy our projects enough to roll with this.      

Lastly, I know many of you have been with me for many years - and I truly do appreciate knowing that I've got such a wonderful tribe around me.   Thank you for that!   ❤️