Accessing your Classes & Videos


Please bear with us a bit while we're bulding out this new "Front Door" to everything Rock Star!   

All items  (mastery workshops, projects, pdfs) are not moved over into this new "Front Door" area (this new system) yet.

Live Event, Class enrollees & Mastery Workshop folks:

If you have bought a Class, Staycation, or other similar live event ON THIS NEW SYSTEM, you probably have some PDFs and/or recorded videos relating to your project that you are looking for, riiiiiight?

Good news:  Your items are waiting for you over in our "school" area.

To get to your items: 

1.  EASY WAY:  As was described in your item description before you added it to your cart, you need to look to your email and find the welcome letter that was sent to you.  It contains the links to your course & instructions.    


1.  Please go here.  This is where the classes, etc are delivered from:  

2.  look in the upper right corner.  Are you signed in? 

2a.   If you see the words "sign in"  (like above) , it means you are NOT signed in to our school where the lessons and PDFs reside.    Please sign in - using the same email that you used on when you enrolled into your event.
Also - create a password if you have not been in this section of our site before. 

2b.   If you see your name in the upper right hand corner, it means you are already signed in.  

 3.   Go to your dashboard.   All events that you are enrolled in should be there.

Thanks for bein' with us! 

If you still need help... or you just want to say hi.... 

Have you visited us on zoom yet? 

We're there almost every day - usually starting about 8 AM mountain time and it goes as long as there are people that want to hang out that day! 

Just fire up the zoom app on your device,
turn on your mic and camera,
and join this meeting number:   720 628-0542